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D.O. - Norfolk

“Does what it says on the tin. Hardly a moth in sight! Excellent product and safe to use too. Thank you“
A.F. - Devon

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“I found them very helpful and their service was extremely quick“
L.L. - Somerset

“I am very pleased with the fast delivery of the moth boxes and delighted to find they are very effective“
M.R. - Belfast

“Service and product both spot on. Many thanks. The moth traps are doing a great job. I'll definitely be back if we need more gear“
D.C. - Surrey

“Easy transaction on website. Items sent very speedily, well packaged and via a good courier service“
C.C. - Devon

“Excellent service, helpful advice, quick response to my questions and fast delivery. Thank you“
M.N. - West Sussex

“Excellent advice and customer service. Absolutely fantastic“
V.B. - Bristol

“We were almost resigned to never getting rid of our moth problem until we tried this product - now we just use it every year as insurance!“
C.N. - Hertfordshire

“I ordered online and it was very easy to choose and then order the products. All moths were killed immediately“
D.W. - London

“Good advice regarding moth eradication and prevention. Excellent delivery service“
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“Very helpful and supply good and reasonable prices and on time“
K.S. - IOW

“Delivery was speedy, no problems at all. Also contacted us with precise time of delivery which was very much appreciated“
S.P. - London

“Delivery of the product was extremely fast. Good value for money for a good product“
E.J. - London

“We certainly catch moths in the moth boxes so they are definitely doing their job“
J.K. - Hampshire

“Service couldn't be better..... Best product on the market! And also smells great“
D.R. - Dublin

“Great speed of order processing and Excellent product “
B.R. - Gloucestershire

“Really helpful staff via email and telephone. I have done a lot of searching for good, reliable, effective treatments into carpet and clothes moths and this is by far and away the best!“
A.P. - Hertfordshire

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M.R. - Cumbria

“What a pleasure to find something that really does what it is claimed to do!“
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“This a very good website detailing all the necessary products with useful advice about using them.“
D.H. - Gloucestershire

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31 -Dec

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L.J. - Gloucestershire

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J.M. - Shropshire

“Really clear information is given on the website.”
F.K. - London

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J.E. - London

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“Very detailed explanation of how to prevent further infestations of moths.This package was very detailed as to how to use and has been successful so far.”
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“Very detailed explanation of how to prevent further infestations of moths”
M.L. - Lanarkshire

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“The company and service were good. Their website takes you through what you need to do to get rid of moths. I will certainly be using them again in the near future and have recommended them to my sister. The Clothes Moth Killer Kit is an excellent starter pack for two small to medium sized rooms. It is also a good way to understand what each product does for future reference”
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“Order place around 4pm items delivered following morning.... As soon as we opened the moth traps, the little blighters seemed to appear and commit suicide on them”
R.B. - London

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J.W. - Dorset

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“I deployed two traps and there were ten stuck to the trap the next morning. The expense of my buying a new coat,,several jumpers and two suits for outweighed the cost of my moth prevention”
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L.W. - Nottingham

“Particularly impressed with the way the the delivery company made contact and as the time approached limited the delivery ETA to a one-hour time slot”
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G.A. - Manchester

“The people on the telephone have been very helpful on both occasions when I have phoned.”
J.L. - Lancaster

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Pest Control Delivered

  • Carpet Beetles

Stop Carpet Beetle Infestations - Get Rid of Carpet Beetles For Good!

    1. CLEAN - Move furniture away from edges of the carpet and thoroughly vacuum the carpet (both sides if possible) also paying particular attention to skirting boards and crevices
    2. KILL - Spray the carpet deep into the pile and on the underside if possible to kill any eggs and / or larvae – we recommend either the Protector C Trigger Spray or Oa2ki organic powder spray below as effective solutions - both bestsellers at MothPrevention.com - also consider fumers for severe infestations; producing an insecticide smoke that pests cannot avoid. Our Carpet Beetle Killer Kits conventiently give the you the complete solution - developed with our customers and suppliers for rapid results
    3. MONITOR - Check previously infested areas regularly while vacuuming weekly and deep into the edges - also check upholstered furniture regularly
    4. REFRESH - Consider respraying regularly, particularly in the weeks following the first discovery of a carpet beetle infestation – please remember, with warmer houses carpet beetle damage and infestations are now a year-round problem

Carpet Beetles are Stubborn!

Carpet Beetles can cause extensive damage to natural fibres, and in particular carpets and rugs, in the home environment. These beetles can be eradicated through both regular cleaning routines and the application of the products that we sell below to deal with infestations of these pests.

Given their natural resilience, perseverance is required when dealing with carpet beetles and to ensure the eggs and larvae are killed. It may take a number of months to fully eradicate a carpet beetle infestation and cleaning, vacuuming and application of carpet beetle treatments will have to be repeated over time to kill the larvae. It is the carpet beetle larvae that cause the damage - they feed for up to 70 days and an adult carpet beetle typically lays up to 100 eggs that hatch after 4 weeks, usually in crevices - hence be sure to treat skirting boards really thoroughly. Each carpet beetle larva is approximately 0.5mm long. Carpet beetles can travel some distance even after coming into contact with a potentially lethal dose of insecticide, hence the need to re-check regularly and persevere with the cleaning and treatment routine.

Carpet beetles may be found more frequently in upper rooms of warm houses where they often originate from the nests of birds such as house sparrows located under the eaves.

MothPrevention.com - The UK's Widest Range for Moth Control.

See below for our range of effective products to deal with carpet beetles - without the expense of professional pest controllers and backed by our unique 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

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