Moth Boxes - Your Questions Answered

Jan 20, 2014

Known as Moth Boxes, Moth Traps and Pheromone Traps they're probably one of the most effective products on the market for getting rid of moths! Moths seem to be getting active early this year, so perhaps it's worth going over a few facts

How does it work?

- The Trap works by attracting male Clothes Moths & Carpet Moths. The Trap consists of a sticky board that is coated with the female moths' pheromone - this makes the sticky strip attractive to the males and results in the males getting caught on the sticky board within

Which work best - the Mottlock Box Box or the Demi Diamond Moth Trap?

- Both work equally well as they each contain the same pheromone on a sticky strip to attract the male moth. It's really just a case of personal preference. The Mottlock Moth Box is a cardboard box with a hanger for ease of placement in your wardrobe, while the Demi Diamond Moth Trap has a hole within the plastic housing for you to use if hanging on a hook or pin

Where to I position the trap for best affect?

- 3'-6' off the ground (the flying height of a clothes moth & carpet moth)

- Away from draughts

- Where it will not be obscured by curtains or other physical obstructions

- Away from any moth deterrents, such as lavender sachets, cedar balls etc. Placing moth boxes close to deterrents will have the effect of repelling the moths that you are now trying to attract!

How long will the trap work for?

- The Sticky Strips are effective for 3 months from the time that you peel off the sticky strip

Can I purchase Refills for my traps?

- Of course. We have Moth Trap Refills readily available for both Mottlock and Demi Diamond Traps. It's much cheaper to refresh your old Moth Box with a refill than it is to buy a new one, and we also sell Value Packs to save you between 5% - 10%

What else can I do?

- Clothes moths: Consider positioning Clothes Moths Killer Cassettes in your Wardrobes and then place your moth traps on the opposite side of the room. As well as killing any moth eggs and larvae that may be in your wardrobe the Clothes Moth Killer Cassettes are a strong repellent; this will drive away moths from your clothing and in the direction of your moth box

- Carpet Moths: Consider additional treatment in the form of our Fortefog Natural Aerosol to treat your textiles with a persistent coating that is toxic to any moths eggs or larvae that come into contact with it

- Read our 5 Steps to Moth Control


If you feel you’re suffering from a moth problem and would like helpful and friendly advice please do contact us.

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