Launches Zensect Range

Jan 21, 2012 sells the widest range of moth control products in the UK and this week has added Zensect to its extensive anti-moth product range.

Zensect have been supplying moth control solutions for a number of years.  Our range of Zensect products includes:

Anti Moth Proofer Balls – packs of 20 lavender fragrance moth balls with the unique efficiency indicator which changes colour when the effective moth-proofing action diminishes – cost effective and safely sealed in individual sachets.  These moth balls are closer to the traditional naphthalene products than cedar balls, but safer.  Last up to 3 months

Hanging Moth Proofer Units – pack of 4 units for hanging in the wardrobe using the same pesticide and lavender fragrance as the moth proofer balls – effective life up to 6 months

Anti Food Moth Traps – pack of 2 pheromone traps and completely safe to use in food storage environments – without pesticides

Helvea Moth Papers – for use in drawers, cupboards and can be attached to hangers – fragranced with lavender and alpine flowers – packs of 12

Zensect product design avoids staining of fabrics, avoids pesticide contact in handling and are fragranced to provide a pleasant aroma, yet repel moths effectively! – The UK’s Widest Range for Moth Control