Mild Weather and Moth Hatchings

Feb 02, 2012

Although we’re experiencing a cold-snap at the moment, this winter has been unseasonably mild, combined with our creature-comfort fondness for central heating, we are secretly encouraging a hungry pest into our homes.

Maintaining a constantly warm and cosy atmosphere at home unfortunately provides a perfect breeding environment for moths.

In years gone by, moth eggs hatched in the spring when temperatures started to rise, but they are now a year-round pest due to energy-efficient homes, thermostats and central heating.

The expanding moth population is estimated to have infiltrated over 1 million homes in the UK and causes distress, worry and upset to un-suspecting people in any type of property to an airy modern flat to a marvellous manor house, an open window is all it can take.

Certain types of clothes moth, carpet moth and food moth are causing thousands of pounds of damage to people’s homes and belongings.  The point at which these eggs hatch into larvae is the same point they begin to eat though any natural proteins they can find, namely your wool, cashmere or silk garments and carpets. Now is the time to inhibit any new inhabitants of your wardrobe!

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