Clothes Moth 'Plague' Across the UK

What we suspected has come to fruition in the description of the current clothes and carpet moth problems as a 'plague' in today's Daily Telegraph.  By being a buisness that thrives on customer feedback, our customers are clearly teling us that this year is worse than any in recent memory for clothes moths and the resultant damage they cause.

There is still publicity about  last year's infestation of the DEFRA headquarters in Westminster, nicknamed the 'Ministry for Moths'! The building had to be evacuated and fumigated!

The Daily Telegraph thankfully gives sound advice, albeit in summary - as ever, the vacuum cleaner is the moths' enemy - cleaning thoroughly and ensuring all likely hiding places are routinely disturbed, aired and cleaned are the critical preventative steps to begin with.

Deterrents are the next step which can take the form of strong acting pesticide based products, as listed in our Moth Killer Range, or in the form of Natural Moth Repellents - all fragrances are anti-moth present including cedar, lemongrass, lavender, may chang and more.

If the infestation has taken hold and more dramatic action is required, insect killing smoke foggers and powerful anti-moth sprays are the required route - our best selling Moth Killer Kit to deal with infestations and providing a further 6 months' cover gives you a convenient solution.

The Daily Telgraph reports that even Buckingham Palace has moths munching their way through fur balls and hair, so we're not alone! - The UK's Widest Range for Moth Control

About Moth Prevention

MothPrevention® speak to customers every day about their clothes moth issues - clothes moths are a species that are ever increasing and that can cause significant damage to clothes, carpets and other home textiles.

To date, we’ve helped over 150,000 customers deal with their moth problems. We have developed professional grade solutions including proprietary pheromones engineered in Germany to the highest production standards.

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