Clothes Storage Bags - The Advantage is Clear!

Feb 09, 2017

The best place for precious garments when not in use is within a protective carrier of some kind. Our range of Clothes Storage Bags are inexpensive and provide peace of mind that your garments are protected from the damage that clothes moths and moth larvae bring.

Clothes Storage bags provide a physical barrier to stop moths from having easy access to your garments. Although not 100% moth-proof, you can increase protection further by adding moth repellents or scented anti-moth sachets into your bags to kill moths, larvae and eggs and keep your garments smelling fresh.

Visit our Clothes Storage category to view Under Bed Chests, Suit Bags, Dress Bags and Vacuum Storage Bags. All are now available in Clear polyethylene, so you won’t need to open your storage bags to see what’s inside!

With all of Storage Bags Value Packed, pre-discounted and despatched same day Monday - Friday (if ordering before 2pm) you’ll soon have your garments protected from any moth infestation.

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