Natural Sachets Repel Moths, Not Larvae!

Mar 06, 2017

It’s important to confirm the basic nature of a ‘clothes moth problem’ before you purchase moth prevention products for use in your wardrobes and drawers. 

1. Have moths been seen around you clothes or in your wardrobes, drawers and storage bags?
2. Have you found signs of clothing damage (holes, loose fibres/lint, small dark specks/faeces)?

If the answer to question 1 or 2 is 'yes' you should consider using something other than just a natural repellent. Natural repellents work by using Lavender, Lemongrass or Cedar to deter moths from entering the area where they're placed - they offer piece of mind if you are looking for something to prevent a moth problem, but they will not have any affect on moth larvae that may already be eating your clothing.

Where you have found damage to garments or evidence of moth larvae activity you will need to use an insecticide based product to kill the larvae and eggs in your wardrobes. We offer a wide range of products that will do this for you and they can be placed on a hanging rail or in a drawer to effectively kill moths, larvae and eggs.

Insecticidal Garment Protection - Kills Clothes Moths, Larvae and Eggs
Shop products for Wardrobes: Hanging Moth Proofers & Hanging Moth Killer Cassettes
Shop products for Drawers and Storage Bags: Rentokil Moth Balls, Zensect Moth Proofer Balls & Pest Stop Killer Papers

Natural Moth Repellents - Deters Moths (Larvae and eggs will not be affected)
Shop products for Wardrobes and Drawers: Naturally Scented Moth Repelling Sachets

If you're suffering from a moth problem and would like helpful and friendly advice please do contact us.