You Don't Deserve Moth Problems

Moths are tricky. Learn how to protect and care for your clothing and precious home textiles by identifying and dealing with moths.

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Clothes Moth 'Plague' Across the UK

What we suspected has come to fruition in the description of the current clothes and carpet moth problems as a 'plague' in today's Daily Telegraph.  By being a buisness that thrives on customer feedback, our customers are clearly teling us that this year is worse than any in recent memory...

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Moth Prevention Feature on The One Show on BBC 1

Last night George McGavin showed viewers of "The One Show" how clothes moths get into our houses and destroy our clothes, and gave some tips to help keep homes and wardrobes moth free. The feature gave a great explanation of the life cycle of the clothes moth, as well as...

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New Year Spring Clean

Happy New Year! If one of your resolutions is to tidy out your wardrobes and have a thorough over-haul, now's the time to also add moth prevention to your list! Get a friend or two over to help you make clothing decisions, does it suit you, fit you, in fashion...

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Winter Wardrobe Care

Before putting away your summer and autumn clothes make sure they are clean and dry. Clothes moths love moist conditions, especially where there's food for them to feast on.  Pop in a moth repellent scented sachet or cedar hanger to make sure that the moths keep out of your clothes....

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Featured Articles

How Do I Get Rid Of Carpet Moths & Carpet Moth Larvae? - 7 Steps To Carpet Moth Treatment

A step by step guide to identifying Carpet Moths, dealing with an infestation and Carpet Moth Prevention in the future - all you need to know.

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Identifying Clothes & Carpet Moths - Webbing Clothes Moth / Case-Bearing Clothes Moth

It is important to note that Clothes Moths and Carpet Moths are not separate species - the species of moths that attack clothing and carpets are the same - they are commonly called ‘clothes’ or ‘carpet’ moths depending on where they are found and what fabrics they target.

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How Do I Get Rid Of Pantry Moths? - 10 Steps To Pantry Moth Prevention

If you suspect a pantry moth infestation in your home follow our 10 Steps to Pantry Moth Prevention to protect your home from pantry moths.

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How to Stop Moths Eating Your Clothes - 10 Steps To Clothes Moth Prevention

The definitive approach to dealing with a Clothes Moth infestation from MothPrevention, the leading brand with over 100,000 satisfied customers to date.

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