Timing is Everything with Moth Traps

Jan 25, 2017

It’s always worth checking the date that you placed Moth Traps in your home. For your moth traps to remain effective as a moth killer you will need to replace the sticky strips 12 weeks after activation.

Getting rid of Moths with Traps is a simple process, and by just replacing the old sticky strips with new refills you can effectively catch the male clothes moths and carpet moths in your home. Catching the male moths will remove them from the breeding cycle and allow you to accurately monitor the severity of your moth problem on a day to day basis.

Warm homes are the perfect environment for moth larvae, allowing them to remain active and feed on your textiles. Once moth larvae have fed sufficiently they will pupate, hatch as moths, and restart the breeding cycle. The Clothes Moth Trap is an extremely effective Moth treatment to help prevent this from happening.

Product Life = 12 weeks once open
Brands = Demi Diamond/Zero-In, Mottlock and Rentokil
Price = from £4.99
Refills = Available for all brands
Value = Value Packs are available for all Traps & Replacement Strips to save you between 5% - 10%

All of our Moth Traps are non toxic and use natural moth pheromone technology to attract male moths.

We now sell Trap & Refill combo packs.
It’s worth considering the benefits:

  • We pre-discount these packs between 5% - 10% 
  • Purchasing a combo pack means no need to place an order in 12 weeks time for replacement strips. That means no additional postage fee
  • You’ll have traps in place and refills ready for when you need them, reducing the risk of being unprotected

Our Combo packs are available for all three of our Brands: Demi Diamond/Zero-In, Mottlock and Rentokil.

Demi Diamond Moth Traps and Refills
4x Demi Diamonds
2x Refill Twin Packs

Mottlock Moth Boxes and Refills
2x Mottlock Moth Boxes
1x Refill Twin Pack

Rentokil Moth Traps and Refills
4x Rentokil Moth Traps
2x Refill Twin Packs

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Additional information on on how to get rid of moths can be found in our 5 Steps to Moth Control