Why Your Traps Might Not Be Catching Moths!

Jul 08, 2016

We've had a number of calls this week from customers with the same concern - "Why aren't my moth traps catching the moths within my home?

There are two key things to consider:

1. Only adult male moths are attracted to pheromone traps
- Moths live for up to 80+ days and Juvenile males take a while to reach maturity. When they leave their cocoons they will fly but they will not be attracted to moth pheromones straight away.
- Moth Traps are designed to remove the adult male from the breeding cycle - Females will fly into your home to look for places to settle and for males to find them. They will not be attracted to moth traps.

This does mean that it is possible to have moths flying around your home without initially having much success in catching them. 

2. Traps need to be positioned correctly
- 3-6ft off the ground (the flying height of a clothes moth & carpet moth)
- Away from draughts
- Where it will not be obscured by curtains or other physical obstructions
- Away from any moth deterrents, such as lavender sachets, cedar balls etc. Placing moth boxes close to deterrents will have the effect of repelling the moths that you are now trying to attract! 

Additional Measures to get rid of the moths in your home:
If you'd like to kill the moths within your home by other means we recommend the following: 
- Consider an additional treatment in the form of our Fortefog Natural Aerosol Protector. Use to treat your carpet and textiles. The natural persistent coating is toxic to any moths, eggs or larvae at point of contact. A single application will last for up to three weeks.
- Consider positioning Clothes Moths Killer Cassettes in your Wardrobes to kill moths, eggs and larvae that may be in your wardrobe the Clothes Moth Killer Cassettes are a strong repellent; this will drive away moths from your clothing and in the direction of your moth box

If you're suffering from a moth problem and would like helpful and friendly advice please do contact us.

Telephone: 01300 321 098 (Mon-Thu 9am to 5pm & Fri 9am - 4pm)
Email: help@mothprevention.com

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