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Timing is Everything with Moth Traps

Jan 25, 2017

It’s always worth checking the date that you placed Moth Traps in your home. For your moth traps to remain effective as a moth killer you will need to replace the sticky strips 12 weeks after activation. Getting rid of Moths with Traps is a simple process, and by just replacing the old sticky strips with new refills you can effectively catch the male clothes moths and carpet moths in your home. Catching the male moths will remove them from the breeding cycle and allow you to accurately monitor the severity of your moth problem on a day to day...

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Our Best Selling Clothes Moth Killer Kit Just Got Better!

May 03, 2016

Great news! We’ve improved our Best Selling Clothes Moth Killer Kit in 2 ways: We’ve increased the amount of Insectaclear C Spray from 0.35L to 1.0LThis means that you can treat the carpets and other furnishings within your bedroom as well as wardrobes and drawers. Your entire room will be fully protected for up to 3 weeks with this persistent spray and you'll have plenty left for a repeat treatments We’ve increased the discount on this kit to a massive 15%That means you price stays the same for this new improved Clothes Moth Killer Kit And of course, we'll still:-...

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Feefo Award with Gold Trusted Merchant Accreditation 2016

Feb 04, 2016

The team here at Moth Prevention are proud to be awarded the Feefo Gold Trusted Merchant Award for the third consecutive year. We all take great pride in delivering outstanding service to our customers by providing: The widest range of effective moth control products online Helpful online advice and guides Access to our knowledgable Customer Service team for one-to-one advice to suit your specific situation Rapid delivery of your order so that you can start protecting your clothes, carpets and textiles as soon as possible We care about the service that we offer and will proudly display our latest award....

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Moth Treatments and Your Safety

Jan 28, 2016

You and Your FamilyThe primary concern when carrying out any form of treatment should be your health, the health of your family, and the health of your pets. We provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) with all Moth Killer Kits purchased and offer additional Protective Respirator Mask (with FREE Gloves) for sale within all fumer, spray and powder categories. If you’re going to be involved in the application of a treatment that involves the use of fumers, spray and powders we recommend the use of PPE. Children should always be kept out of a room undergoing treatment until it has been completed....

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How to Treat Your Rugs For Moths

May 07, 2015

Rugs are frequently found to be the root cause of a carpet moth infestation. We bring rugs back from holiday destinations and we tend to inherit them. As such we can unknowingly find ourselves owning a rug with moths in it. ‘How to get rid of moths in rugs’ is a straight forward enough task, but rugs can be large & heavy, so sometimes it can be logistically challenging. Here are some helpful tips: Step 1 - Get the Rug in Position:- If possible get the rug out of your home and treat it elsewhere, i.e. a garage or other outbuilding. If that's not...

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