Natural Carpet Moth Killer Kit - 1 Room

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Uses Action Extra

- Kills carpet Moths, larvae and eggs!
- For use where treatment is required in one room
- Perfect for ongoing treatment

- To deal with an initial or ongoing infestation
- To prevent further moth infestations
- Suitable for 1 room

- Best Seller
- Customer Recommended
- Save 10% compared to buying components separately
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Now with NEW components for increased effectiveness and safety

The Natural Carpet Moth Killer Kit for 1 room offers you everything you will need to eliminate carpet moths and save the significant expense of calling in professional pest controllers or suffering damage to your property.

We created this Kit in response to customers who had small children, sensitive pets or breathing difficulties who wanted a completely natural solution to their carpet moth problem. This is a comprehensive and will enable you to eradicate moths from a larger room and help keep the pests away for at least 3 months.

  • SAVE 10% on buying separately
  • Covers 1 room
  • 1x 530ml Fortefog Natural Aerosol Protector
  • 1x 500g Desi-Dust (Natural Diatomaceous Earth)
  • 1x Moth Prevention Moth Trap
  • Gloves and Face Mask (FFP2 rated. Conforms to EN149:2001. Filters 94% of airborne particles)
  • Clear, straightforward instruction card

Fortefog Natural Aerosol Protector: Our best selling Fortefog Natural Protector Aerosol is used by professional pest controllers. It contains a naturally occurring pesticide which will kill larvae and adult moths on contact.  It will dry within 2-3 hours of application to leave a persistent coating that is invisible, non-staining, and will last for up to 3 weeks.

Desi-Dust (Natural Diatomaceous Earth): A natural powder that although completely non-toxic to us will break down the outer barrier of an insects body to dehydrate and desiccate it. Pesticide Free, yet very effective at killing insects, larvae and eggs for as long as in position.

Moth Prevention Moth Trap: Work by attracting male moths and breaking the breeding cycle as well as monitoring for future infestations.

Safety: We supply a step-by-step guide to using these products, as well as protective gloves and a mask.

Many of our customers combine the power of this Killer Kit with the use of further moth traps to break the breeding cycle and monitor for future carpet moth activity.

If you have an established infestation across two rooms you might want to consider our Natural Carpet Moth Killer Kit - 2-3 Room.

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Product Reviews

Independent Service Reviews with Feefo

Date Score Customer Comment
very good product esy to use
See above comment regarding results so far.
Done 2 applications as recommended and so far so good!
Something to note: If you have photos etc on the wall with felt backing give that a light spray as well. I found 3 moths ready to fly there.
It's easy to use and I like the fact that it is natural, but I don't yet know if the product has worked. When applying it for the second time I found a moth eating the carpet near where I had put the powder. I don't know if that should have happened. I won't know for a while if they have gone.
Seems to be working so far.
Followed the instructions. Only time will tell whether it has been successful. Till then cannot really give a higher rating.
Clear instructions and easy to use.
Using the spray is easy, and after ventilating the room for a couple of hours left no smell at all.
Using the powder in the kit appears messy, but is very easy to vacuum up after use.
The product seems to have done the trick so far. We are hopeful
easy to apply, had a very heavy infestation of carpet moth, one application sorted it, but did the second anyway, to be sure
Seems to have done the job - we had a very heavy infestation and after the second round of treatment are only getting one or two new moths in the trap.
Easy to use. Now into second application. Yet to discover how effective it is.
It took two applications but all moths destroyed.
So far so good - no moths in sight!
Product was easy to use. Will not know effectiveness until later in the year when moths are more prevalent.
Relatively easy to use. Was advised to keep the cats out of the room which I was not expecting from this 'Natural' version and I found the powder can a little difficult to control. Having just completed the second, follow up treatment I hope it works. Would use again.
Products are easy to use and appear to have done the trick. We ordered the Carpet Moth Killer pack, but this came with instructions for getting rid of clothes moths - however, we used the clear instructions on Moth Prevention's website instead.
At first, the moth killer seemed to do the trick but we had a repeat infestation around 6 weeks later and had to re-treat. Hopefully this has now worked. At nearly £40 per kit, we do not want to have to do this too often!
worked well
Easy to use, with clear instructions. Time will tell if it works on the moths or not!
Very good product. Still a couple left, but I think they came in with the new carpet and as we live in the countryside, thought the little dears were hay seeds! Tough lesson to learn, but thanks to your product, now under control and hopefully eradicated soon.
It is awkward getting the mothbox strip in place without it sticking to the front opening. I'd to cut the second one open, stick in place then seal the box. However moths are now being killed, plus the oki2 spray kills off the source, though the powder leave white marks if in contact with any damp. I would use these products again.
So far so good, have to give it a bit more time I think, the key is locating the right places to spray. Everything you require is in the kit, mask, gloves etc. I will spray again in a few days.
Liked having the option to use less 'harsh' methods in upstairs children's bedrooms.
Good instructions included and the products were easy to use. I have done one application - soon to repeat and they seem to have worked very well. No nasty chemicals or smells!
The directions are to do the process twice. I have done it once and it was easy to use and seems to have been effective.
The Oa2ki spray dose not go as far as you would like.
Too early to tell at present. Not enough Protector for two applications on my sitting room.
Seams to have achieved a solution to some carpet moths
We used the products and yes it is great, looks as though we have managed to rid ourselves of the moths. Will keep you on my email just in case we need to use you again. Many thanks
As Above
It is not yet 10 days since we bought the product, so we still have to make a second application, and are not therefore in a position to say whether the product has worked well or not. However, for the amount of space we needed to spray (30' x 13') the two cans have almost run out, and we'll therefore have to make a second purchase in order to complete the work. So far, the first application appears to have rid us of any flying adult moths, so thank you !
Still treating rom but so far so good

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