Carpet Moth Killer Products – Fumers, Carpet Moth Powders and Killer Sprays

Kill Carpet Moths Fast with Effective Killer Products – As Used by Professionals and Safe for Domestic Use!

Below you will find our comprehensive range of carpet moth killing products. Our range of products provides all that you need to attack a moth infestation to bring it under control fast and get rid of carpet moths for good. Our moth fumers, persistent killer sprays, hard acting powders and carpet moth traps are all you need to remove moths from your home.

Whether you decide to hit the problem hard with pesticide based products or natural alternatives we have the products to kill the carpet moths, larvae and eggs in your home.

Problem / Need Location Solution
Serious infestation / damage to carpets, Rugs and other textiles Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Hallways & Stairs

Carpet Moth Killer Kit 1 Room, Carpet Moth Killer Kit 2-3 Room or Moth Killer Kit - Extreme Power

Natural Carpet Moth Killer Kit or Natural Carpet Moth Killer Kit 2-3 Room

Product required for Infestation found behind ‘hard to move’ Furniture Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Hallways and Stairs

Mini FumersMidi Fumers and Maxi Fumers

Pesticide Spray: Protector C
Natural Spray: Fortefog Natural Aerosol Protector or Oa2ki Trigger Spray

Powerful deep reaching knockdown product required for where exact source of Infestation can not be found Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Hallways and Stairs

Mini Fumers, Midi Fumers and Maxi Fumers
Value Packs available for repeat treatments - where moths are persistent we advise repeat fumigation at 7 day intervals

Insecto Aerosol Insect Bomb
The automatic 'total release' nozzle means a hard hitting remote blow to moths can be carried out!

Spray with persistent killing power Required for application to carpets, rugs, As well as furniture Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Hallways and Stairs

Pesticide Spray: Insectaclear C or Insectaclear Strong
Natural Spray: Fortefog Natural Aerosol Protector or Oa2ki Trigger Spray

All dry to leave an invisible, non-transferable coating to kill moths, larvae and eggs

Powder required for aggressive attack to hard hit areas or under furniture Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Hallways and Stairs Pesticide Powder: Insectrol Powder or Pro Formula Insect Killing Powder
Natural Powder: Desi-Dust, Oa2ki Powder Puffer or Oa2ki Powder Aerosol
We recommend the use of a Protective Respirator Mask and gloves when using any of our Fumers, Sprays and Powder products.

Carpet Moth Killer Kits - Purchase Carpet Moth Killer Kits or Natural Carpet Moth Killer Kits and you'll save 5-10% compared to buying separately, receive your Killer Kit the Next Working Day as standard*, and receive a clear guide on how use your products safely and to best effect.

More About Carpet Moth Killer Products.

When planning how you will get rid of the Carpet Moths in your home it is worth considering the speed at which moths can multiply. A single female can lay up to 600 eggs within her short 75-80 life as an adult. Let untreated, or without repeating a treatment there is a real risk that the carpet moths in your home will not be eradicated completely and your infestation could become very serious while you’re not looking.

The simplest way to remove moths from your home is to use one of our Carpet Moth Killer Kits. Our Kits arrive to you with all that you will need to get your moth infestation under control: Fumers, Sprays, Powders & Traps, as well as a clear ‘how to’ guide so that you can use your products effectively and safely. Alternatively you can browse below or one of our Carpet Moth categories where you will find a comprehensive range of products to suit your needs. Carpet moth categories: Carpet Moth Traps, Moth Sprays, Moth Powders & Moth Fumers.

We offer a range of chemical based products as well as natural alternatives. Read our helpful info guides on each category page as well as the product detail on all product pages for details.

We've helped thousands of customers deal effectively with moth prevention and damage by carpet moths - with great pre- and post-sale support so that you're not alone, fast and secure delivery service, clear advice guides and ensuring that you have the right products to deal with your moth infestation, fast! - The UK's Widest Range for Moth Control.

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