Carpet Moth Powders – Hard Hitting Carpet Moth Killing Powders

Kill Moths, Larvae & Eggs with Effective Carpet Moth Powders.

Hard hitting Moth Powders are ideal for use in rooms where you have an ongoing moth infestation. Stop moths and larvae in their tracks and kill eggs before they hatch. Powders are especially effective when applied to areas of carpet that have been badly damaged and remain active long after application.

Our powders are all professional grade and certified safe for domestic use. Natural Powders are available for where chemical products are not suitable.

Problem / Need Location Solution
Chemical based powder to kill moths, larvae and eggs and provide continued protection Bedroom, Living Room, Study, Hallway & Stairs Insectrol Powder, Insecto Insect Killing Powder
Natural based powder to kill moths, larvae and eggs Bedroom, Living Room, Study, Hallway & Stairs, Kitchens and Dining Rooms Desi-Dust, Oa2ki Powder Puffer, Oa2ki Powder Aerosol
Powder required to kill moths, larvae and eggs but where children and pets may have access All Rooms

Desi-Dust, Oa2ki Powder Puffer, Oa2ki Powder Aerosol

We recommend omitting children and animals from any room that has powder in place – even when using non-toxic options

We recommend the use of a Protective Respirator Mask and gloves when using any of our Powder products.

More About Carpet Moth Powders.

Carpet moth killer powders are extremely effective at getting deep in to the pile of carpets and rugs, as well as into the nooks and crannies under skirting boards and floorboards. Moth powder is hard hitting and can remain effective as long as it remains in place and dry. 

Insectrol Powder is a very effective pesticide based powder and will aggressively attack larvae and eggs to rid your home of an infestation of carpet moths.

Our natural moth powders are Desi-Dust and Oa2ki Powder Puffer. They both contain the natural moth killer Diatomaceous Earth. These powders effectively breakdown the outer surface of the insects, larvae and eggs and desiccate them. We also sell the liquid emulsion aerosol powder Oa2ki Powder Aerosol, which works in the same way as our other natural powders, although it is applied in liquid form before drying to become effective. The advantage with this method of moth killing powder is that it gets deep into difficult to reach areas.

These products are all certified safe for domestic use and the chosen products of professional pest controllers.

Children and animals should be kept away from any form of powder treatment until it has been completed and removed. Powders can be vacuumed to remove.

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