Clothes Protector Sprays

Get rid of Moths with our Clothes Protector Sprays!

Sprays designed specifically for the protection against clothes moths. We always recommend the use of Wardrobe Protection Cassettes and Sachets as well as these sprays. It is important to consider that eggs already laid will not be deterred from hatching by a moth repellent!

Top Tips for Using Clothes Protector Sprays:

Problem / Need Location Recommended Solution
Deter moths from laying eggs on garments Wardrobes, Drawers, Cupboards or Chests Apply Aries Anti-Moth Spray directly to garments for up to 6 months repelling action.
Deter moths and kill eggs on garments Wardrobes, Drawers, Cupboards or Chests Apply Zero-In Clothes Moth Killer Spray to the inside of wardrobes and drawers. Not to be applied directly to garments.
We recommend the use of a Protective Respirator Mask and gloves when using any of our Spray products.

Clothes Protector Spray Options

The best-selling Aries clothes moth spray can be used in conjunction with other moth deterrent measures such as our knitwear storage bags and garment hanging covers. We recommend that these sprays are first tested on a hidden part of light coloured garments. Aries Anti Moth can be applied directly to garments for up to 6 months protection from moths and garments are safe to wear once sprayed.

The Zero-In Clothes Moth Killer works well as a knockdown killer as well as by leaving a persistent layer that is toxic to insects, larvae and eggs. Although it should not be applied directly to garments it can be sprayed into wardrobes & drawers and then clothing returned once the spray is dry. Repeat treatments are required every 3-4 weeks.

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