Moth Pheromone Traps

Control Moths with our Clothes Moth Pheromone Traps!

We stock the best moth trap brands available. All of our traps use the same moth pheromone technology to attract the flying male moth to get stuck on the glue card within. Moth Traps are an integral part of a moth treatment to remove males from the breeding cycle, as well as for monitoring the extent of a clothes moth or carpet moth infestation.

Useful Tips when using Moth Traps:
  1. Use where you have seen sightings of moths and/or larvae to capture the male moths and break the breeding cycle
  2. Use to monitor moth activity. Clothes Moths are nocturnal - Traps will do their work while you sleep to give you an indicator of where you have an infestation
  3. Position traps 3-6 feet hight, away from drafts and in plain sight. Do not place them close to moth repelling products such as cedar or lavender. Reposition Traps that fail to capture moths after 2 weeks
  4. Mark your calendar and replace the sticky strips every 3 months. We sell Replacement Strips for all of our traps

The pheromone bait in the moth box disperses in the air attracting male moths. These are trapped on the adhesive board and the number of moths trapped will give you an indication of the intensity of the infestation.

We provide alternative options in our range of moth pheromone traps and supply replacement adhesive boards. The moth pheromone trap active life is normally around 12 weeks and the replacement boards for the traps are about half the price each of the original trap.

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