Moth Powders

Moth Killer Powder - Insecticidal & Natural Powders to Protect Your Clothing and Carpets

Kill Moths, moth larvae and moth eggs with these long lasting persistent Moth Powders.

There are a two types of insect killing powder available: Insecticidal and Natural. Both are effective at killing insects, as well as their eggs and larvae. How they kill and where best suited are detailed below to assist you when purchasing.

Both product types will kill all stages of the moth life cycle from egg through to adult, can be used indoors and outdoors (where dry), and can be removed using a vacuum cleaner.

Insecticidal Moth Powders Natural Moth Powders
Contains the synthetic toxic insecticide Permethrin to poison insects. Contains the non toxic 100% natural desiccant Diatomaceous Earth to breakdown and dehydrate insects.
A fast acting attack for use where serious signs of damage are evident to carpets and textiles. Ideal for use where repeating a treatment may be tricky i.e. behind/under heavy furniture. An effective treatment for carpets and textiles that may need to be left in position for longer than the toxic alternative. Due to its non-toxic nature it can be applied to virtually any surface, although not food preparation surfaces.
Not suitable for use where pets or children may have access, or where contact with clothing may occur. Safe to use where children and pets are present. A reassuringly non-toxic powder for use in bedrooms and kitchens!
Most of our powders are 'puffers'. Simply shake a few times, remove the lid, and squeeze gently as you apply to the infected area.
The Oa2ki Organic Powder Aerosol is the only exception as it is a liquid emulsion within a pressurised container. Once applied to an infected area it will seep deeply into the pile of carpets and nooks and crannies before drying to leave a naturally desiccating powder coating.
We recommend the use of a Protective Respirator Mask and gloves when using any of our Powder products.

Diatomaceous Earth is made from the fossilised remains of tiny, aquatic organisms called diatoms. These fossilised skeletons accumulate over many years at the bottom of river beds, lakes, and oceans as sediment. Made of the natural desiccant silica they are perfect for natural moth control. 

Diatomaceous Earth is not poisonous and does not need to be consumed to be effective at killing moth eggs, larvae or moths. It causes insects to dry out by absorbing the oils and fats from their exoskeleton. This dusty powder remains active as a desiccant for as long as it is kept dry.

Diatomaceous Earth is registered safe for use as a natural pest control product, is non-toxic, and safe to use in the home where toxic alternatives may not be suitable. For example; where children or pets are present, or where you have an infestation in the kitchen or under your bed. It can be applied to almost any surface or textile - but should not be used on food preparation surfaces or directly on clothing.

Products that we have available: Desi-Dust, Oa2ki Organic Powder Puffer, and Oa2ki Powder Aerosol (Liquid Emulsion)

Insecticidal Moth Powders contain the synthetic insecticide Permethrin. Permethrin is used broadly in agriculture to protect crops from insect pests and also commonly used by Domestic Pest Controllers. It is a strong acting poison that can kill insects and larvae on contact as well as eggs. 

Permethrin is particularly toxic to cats and fish. It is not recommended to use products that contain permethrin where there is a risk of exposure to such animals. With regards to humans permethrin has "low mammalian toxicity". That is to say that it is poorly absorbed through the skin and unlikely to cause any adverse effects through contact with the skin. That said, skin irritation can occur and it is recommended that direct contact be avoided.

Products that we have available: Insectrol Powder, Pro Formula Insect Killing Powder

Product Key Ingredient Container Type
Desi-Dust Diatomaceous Earth Powder Puffer
Oa2ki Organic Powder Puffer Diatomaceous Earth Powder Puffer
Oa2ki Powder Aerosol Diatomaceous Earth Aerosol Liquid Emulsion
Insectrol Powder Permethrin Powder Puffer
Pro Formula Insect Killing Powder
Powder Puffer
We recommend the use of a Protective Respirator Mask and gloves when using any of our Powder products.

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