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Clothes Moths in Your Home - Moth Infestation Treatment & Moth Control

How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths

REMOVE your clothes from the affected closets, drawers or cupboards and vacuum really thoroughly. Pay particular attention to corners, edges, cracks and crevices as this is where eggs and larvae can get in deep, as well as fibres from your clothing. Vacuum carpets and skirting boards in the room affected by clothes moths.

  1. REMOVE your clothes from the affected wardrobe, drawers or cupboards and vacuum really thoroughly paying attention to edges, cracks and crevices. Vacuum carpets and skirting boards in the room affected by moths.
  2. CLEAN clothes that may be affected and consider spraying your more valuable clothes with Aries Anti Moth Spray to repel moths & eggs.
  3. KILL moths, eggs and larvae with one of our persistent sprays - we recommend either Insectaclear CInsectaclear Strong or the Fortefog Natural Protector Aerosol. All are moth proofer / killer sprays, ready mixed effective solutions, and bestsellers.
  4. DETER moths by using fast-acting moth deterrents such as cedar wood or anti-moth natural sachets to stop moths returning. For expensive garments we suggest using our clothes storage solutions.
  5. MONITOR and PREVENT moths by placing clothes moth traps close to affected areas to monitor for adult moths and to break the breeding cycle. Keep deterrents current and replace every 3 to 6 months to protect your clothing.

We've helped thousands of customers deal effectively with moth prevention and damage by moths - with great pre- and post-sale support so that you're not alone, fast and secure delivery service, clear instruction guides and by ensuring that you have the right products to deal with your moth problem, fast! - The Proven Range for Moth Control.

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Clothes Moths in Your Home - Moth Infestation Treatment & Moth Control

The damage to clothing caused by moths in the house can be significant and Moth Prevention offers a comprehensive range of products for clothes moth control, whether it be a small presence, yet damaging to your clothes in storage, through to full blown infestations of your clothing. If you're wondering how to get rid of moths and deter or kill moths in your house, you've come to the right place! We have a comprehensive range of products to treat moths, kill moth larvae, and moth eggs. All available for next working day delivery, and with thousands of customers’ moth problems solved, you can be sure you’re in safe hands.

If you have issues with carpet moths, or clothes moths in your carpets in the house, see our Carpet Moth Treatment range – both varieties of moth larvae are likely to invade and damage carpets, particularly in undisturbed and darker areas under furniture or along skirting boards. Our Killer Kits are extremely effecting at killing moth larvae as well as moths and eggs.

Clothes moths are typically very small (0.8 to 1.4cm) and often go unnoticed until, frequently with a seasonal weather change or impending event, when one takes clothes from storage, only to uncover damage. The adults rarely fly in lit areas at night, preferring darkness and can squeeze through exceedingly small cracks. Adult males are more likely to be found flying and are targeted in moth traps - the female clothing moth tends to run or hop rather than fly and will look to hide in the folds of garments. It is the larvae that cause the majority of the damage – moth larvae feed on the fibres of wool, cashmere, silk and leather clothes leaving unsightly holes in clothing and often rendering them un-wearable. The cost of damage to clothes can be significant so the relatively modest investment in controlling and preventing adult moths and moth larvae, and providing protection for your clothing, is an investment worth making. With a typical adult female clothing moth laying hundreds of eggs in one go, the risk of an infestation emerging quickly is a very real one and the need for anti moth protection is critical, especially for valuable garments. For more information on caring for clothes and maintenance / cleaning of wardrobes and drawers to reduce the likelihood of moths settling and laying eggs, and how to get rid of moths, please take a look at our advice guides.

Solutions to Your Clothes Moth Infestation

With modern houses and central heating, the clothes moth lifecycle has extended to become a year-round problem and you are far more likely to find moths in your house. This section contains a wide range of moth control products specifically designed to get rid of moths, however big or small the problem is. We have categorised our range of treatments to kill moths and deter moths as follows:

Moth Traps - based on trapping the male moth to break the breeding cycle and using naturally occurring pheromones. Moth traps, while effective to kill moths, are safe and can be conveniently located in or near clothes storage areas or in living rooms. These traps typically last 3 to 6 months and we sell replacement strips for the MothPrevention traps as a cost-effective way to extend the life of the moth boxes and traps rather than replacing the whole product. We also have value packs of moth traps, clothes moth boxes and replacement strips to enable you to make even further savings - if you have moths in the house then we'd strongly recommend moth traps as a key part of your plan to deter and kill moths.

Moth Balls - we do not advocate the use of toxic chemical based moth balls to kill moths (old fashioned naphthalene moth balls are now banned) and instead offer a safe alternative cedar moth ball alternative, or low-grade pesticide moth balls that is deadly to moths, but safe for people. Cedar balls emit the cedar tree's fragrance which, whilst attractive to humans, moths are deterred by the smell, providing moth control by deterring moths venturing into wardrobes and drawers. Cedar has been long recognised as an effective clothes moth deterrent and in past times chests of drawers and wardrobes were lined with cedar wood. The fragrance can reduce over time and we recommend both sanding the wood lightly and the application of Red Cedar Essential Oil which we also sell in this category. Alternatively, Zensect Moth Proofer Balls contain a pesticide that repels and kills moths - each moth ball is in an individual sachet to prevent contamination of clothes and skin. The unique colour indicator shows when the useful life of the moth ball has expired (up to 3 months) after which your clothing will not be protected. Moth deterrents do not need to be in’ball’ form, and fragrance-free Moth Killer Sachets are an example of an equally effective way to kill moths in drawers and cupboards.

Moth Proofer Sprays - moth proofer sprays can be used to treat an area for eradicating moth larvae or as a ‘knockdown’ spray to kill moths in flight or resting on walls etc. We offer natural sprays that can be used directly on clothes too, as long as a discreet area is tested first. Our best selling Airies anti moth spray contains natural neem oil and can be applied directly to clothes (exercising care with light coloured delicate fabrics), as can the Orphea clothes protector spray. The Airies moth oil spray works through applying the spray directly onto wooden clothing storage surfaces (drawers and wardrobes) and also deters moths while also caring for the wood itself. The latest addition to the range of moth proofer sprays is the Zero-In Clothes Moth Killer Spray which can be applied to fabrics and kills clothes moth larvae and eggs - a moth control and protection product that has very quickly established itself as a best seller!

Cedar Products for Moths – we have a full range of cedar products for moth control with the naturally occurring scent that moths cannot stand and acting as a great deterrent. Clothes moths can be deterred through the use of Hanging Cedar Blocks for clothes rails, Cedar Nuggets & Cedar Balls for use in drawers for folded clothing and Cedar Discs to be suspended above garments on hangers. Light sanding and the application of Red Cedar Essential Oil after the fragrance fades extends the clothing moth deterrent effect of cedar products

Moth Killer Products - more aggressive treatment can be applied to kill moths and eradicate a persistent clothing moth problem. These products are effective, but must be used safely away from children and pets until the treatment routine is completed. Deterrent products are effective in prevention but for an existing identified infestation, moth killer products need to be used in conjunction with thorough cleaning to eliminate the moth larvae and eggs

Storage Solutions - to safely store clothing away from moths, we offer a range of garment and knitwear storage bags for anti moth protection, forming a physical barrier to adult moths control that prevents them laying eggs on clothing

Also please check out our range of complete clothes moth control kits to make your shopping easier and to benefit from further great savings - options include initial moth treatments (to kill moths) and ongoing prevention kits, deterrent only kits and natural moth prevention kits. Our Value Packs are another great way for you to obtain bulk discounts on moth control and deterrent products.

Our advice guides throughout the website will help you learn how to get rid of moths, and our customer service line is here to help you if you require further detailed support in how to get rid of moths - 01300 321098 (Monday to Thursday 8.30am to 5pm & Friday 8.30am to 4.00pm) or contact us by using our Contact Form. We aim to reply within 24hrs (Monday to Friday).

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