Clothing Moth

The Clothing Moth, or Clothes Moth, is evidenced in the UK by a number of varieties, namely the Webbing Clothing Moth , the Case-Bearing Clothing Moth  and the Brown House Moth

All varieties are a source of potential damage to clothing and finding evidence of clothing moth damage can be very dispiriting, not to mention expensive!  For further details on individual species, please see our moth identification pages.

The typical lifecycle of clothes moths varies according to temperature and humidity, both od which which the larvae are particularly sensitive to in their development towards metamorphosis into adult moths.  Modern houses and central heating have extended the clothing moth ‘season’ beyond the usual March to October period to become an all-year round issue of potential damage and often requiring ongoing prevention solutions.  This also applies to food moth varieties and carpet moths. 

Effective clothes storage and preventative measures are described in detail in our Advice and Guides section.  We also provide downloadable Fact Sheets with detailed steps to take for moth removal and future prevention. provides a number of solutions to both eradicate clothing moths and their larvae, as well as preventing further moth damage to your clothing.  Whether you wish to use ‘hard-hitting’ conventional products or natural alternatives, you will find the UK’s widest range of clothing moth control products here:

Clothing Moth Treatment

For eradication, check out our full Clothes Moth range. For ongoing moth deterrent solutions, visit our natural moth repellent  range.