Keeping Wardrobes Moth Free

Tips from around the web to help you keep your wardrobes free from the damaging effects of clothes moths .

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Useful Advice for Keeping Your Wardrobe Moth-Free

Although it’s the moth larvae that actually damage clothes, it takes a female moth to lay the eggs – several hundred at a time! Here are a few ways to keep moths away from your wardrobes.

Cedar wood has an odour which is quite effective at keeping these little creatures away. Simply place a small chunk of it under your clothes and it should have an instant effect on your moths. Some department stores sell blocks of it designed for this purpose.

Regularly vacuum and clean and air cupboards and wardrobes.To protect a designer suit or wedding dress, keep it in a plastic box with a lid or a bag with a tight seal. Regularly check for any signs of clothes moths or their caterpillars – pay attention to cuffs, inside pockets, turn-ups and linings.

Clothing & other items that are not going to be used for a while should be dry cleaned first. Store any items not used regularly in air tight containers.

If you have purchased second hand items, carefully inspect for signs of infestation. It is a good idea to place items outside, in a sunny location for several days before being brought into the house.

Keep humidity as low as possible in storage areas.