Old Fashioned Naphthalene Moth Balls

Naphthalene moth balls have been banned in Europe since 2008, not surprisingly since their properties include being toxic, carcinogenic and highly flammable!

Naphthalene is derived from coal tar or petroleum and was the traditional or old fashioned main deterrent in mothballs for many decades.  However, the adverse impacts on children and pets in particular make them unsafe for use around the home.  They can cause breathing difficulties in adults as well, particularly in poorly ventilated areas.

What are the Alternatives to Old Fashioned Naphthalene Moth Balls?

Cedar Balls are the natural alternative if the ‘ball’ shape is preferred.  Alternatively, a pesticide based mothball is produced by Zensect containing 0.52% transfluthrin.  Whilst not incorporating a banned substance, care should be taken when handling these anti-moth proofer moth balls, and they certainly should not be used by those with sensitive skin or left in the reach of children.

Contains pesticide to kill and deter moths from settling on folded clothes Pesticide moth balls - closest to now-banned traditional mothballs 20 mothballs per pack
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Naphthalene moth balls were used as a deterrent to keep moths away from clothes – the shape is not important, but the deterrent properties are to prevent damage to clothes and textiles by moth larvae. At MothPrevention.com we have two alternative ranges that provide effect deterrent properties, the Moth Killer range which contains pesticides and the Natural Deterrent Range with a variety of fragrances depending on your preference.  Lastly, cedar wood is a popular alternative to old fashioned naphthalene moth balls and has been used for centuries as a traditional furniture lining material to deter moths – we have a full Cedar Wood Products range to replicate this deterrent effect.

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