Insectrol Moth Killer Spray 250ml

Uses Action Extra
For killing adult moths as a 'knockdown' spray
Alternatively use to fumigate a room
Aerosol spray
Contains pesticide
Highly Effective for clothes moths, carpet moths and food moths


For an uncompromising impact in dealing with moths, our best-selling Rentokil Insectrol Moth Killer Spray is a strong insecticidal spray, ideal for use in the control of carpet moths and clothes moths, and will also kill a wide variety of other flying insects such as flies and wasps.

  • 250ml Spray can
  • Fast Control Insecticide
  • Contains Tetramethrin 0.28% w/w & D-Phenothrin 0.14% w/w

The Insectrol Moth Killer Spray spray delivers a speedy knockdown effect by way of active ingredients. Always read the label before use. Suitable for use from 60-90 cm and can also be used to treat whole rooms. Insectrol Moth Killer is a space spray for adult moths and flying insects, not suitable for spraying on carpets and fabrics.

We recommend the use of our protective Respirator Mask with FREE gloves when using any of our Powders or Sprays.

Product Code ARENT00501

Product Reviews

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Date Score Customer Comment
Good product, does what it says.
The product has eliminated the problem in a short period.
Two applications = no moths , brilliant, and no effect on my asthma.
Would recommend.
Thought I killed all moths, but found three last night. I think you have to keep on spraying over a period of time to kill the newly emerged ones.
very good thanks and on time
Who knows, too early to tell this time. Excellent in the past
Trying this product and will see how it reduces moth problem
As Above
Very strong smell, but kills moths with just a very short spray so I anticipate 1 can could last years.
Did the job, first class. Delivered on time.
Again this was strong stuff. After the initial blitz some moths had attempted to flee, once I had hunted them down this product dropped them immediately and suffocated them in seconds. I then smushed them with my feet, which is the next best weapon of course.
Sprayed a lot of the product in every room of our small bungalow and left each room shut up while we went away for a week. Still moths flying round the house in our return so disappointed. Any suggestions?

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