Moth Prevention Moth Trap Replacement Strip 2pk

Uses Action Extra
Trap and kills male Clothes Moths and Carpet Moths
Break the moth breeding cycle
Integral hanger for use in wardrobes
Contains natural pheromone attractant
Non-toxic glue surface traps the moths

Each refill lasts 3 months once opened
Fragrance free, natural and non-toxic
The ONLY trap on the market to target all 4 common clothes moth species
2 Refills per pack


Our Replacement Strips are for use in our Moth Prevention Moth Trap. They're 100% natural, non-toxic and use moth pheromones to catch, monitor and control infestations of clothes moths and carpet moths.

Using our moth traps will stop clothes moths and carpet moths from laying their eggs on natural fibres (wool, silk, cashmere, clothing, carpets, materials, soft furnishings and upholstery).

The glue strip is a natural non-toxic moth killer that works through being impregnated with a blend of natural moth pheromones in the surface. Adult male moths become stuck to the strip, enabling you to monitor the seriousness of your moth problem, break the breeding cycle and get rid of clothes moths and carpet moths. This natural pheromone is specific to clothes moths and carpet moths type and will not attract un-targeted species.

These Moth Traps will effectively capture the following types of male moth:
- Webbing clothes moth, otherwise know as the Common Clothes Moth (Tineola bisselliella)
- Case Bearing Moth, otherwise know as the Case Making Moth (Tinea pellionella)
- White Shouldered House Moth (Endrosis sarcitrella)
- Brown House Moth (Hofmannophila pseudospretella)

  • Moth Traps kill male moths to break the moth breeding cycle and get rid of moths
  • Each Replacement Strip will last 3 months once opened, is fragrance free and reusable
  • Integral hanger supplied for use in wardrobes if needed
  • The ONLY trap on the market to target all 4 common clothes moth species
  • 2 Replacement Strips per pack

If you find you are catching moths in this trap, further control methods may be required to eliminate your moth problem. Our traps are odourless, natural & safe and for use in wardrobes, bedrooms and living rooms. We recommend using the Moth Prevention Moth Traps continuously in order to monitor any new infestation.

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