Value Pack 3x Midi Fumer 15g

£29.21 £30.75
You save: £1.54

Delivering more than 4 times the power of the Mini Fumer at less than twice the price!

Buying 3 Midi Fumers saves you 5% compared to buying separately.

The Midi Fumer is extremely effective in controlling flying and crawling insects, as well as they’re larvae and eggs. Fumers are able to get in to difficult to reach places, including in cracks and crevices throughout furniture-filled living rooms and bedrooms, as well as lofts and attic spaces. You are able to leave bedding, clothing and other textiles in place when using a Fumer.

Fumers are designed to briefly smoulder and fill a room with an insecticide smoke. This is an effective, cost efficient, simple & clean operation from start to finish.

  • 3x 15g Fumer
  • Coverage for Moths, larvae and eggs = 125m3 per Midi Fumer
  • Saves you 5% compared to buying separately
  • Immediate knockdown product with no persistent effect
  • Effective on various insects including adult moths and moth larvae, carpet beetles, bed bugs etc.
  • Effective at killing larvae and eggs
  • Room safe for use after airing for 2 hours
  • Contains Permethrin 13.25% w/w

Please ensure you carefully follow the instructions with the fumer and there will be no lasting effects on your home - the room should not smell of smoke after treatment. This fast and effective method of control is best complimented with other products to avoid a repeat infestation.

Read our FAQ's and Application Instructions for Fumers.

We believe that smoke fumers are far more effective than aerosol equivalents because aerosol 'foggers' discharge their contents above the aerosol can in one shot and the penetrative effect is far less than gently dispersed smoke. This is a product used by the best professional pest controllers and now licensed for domestic use.

We recommend the use of our protective Respirator Mask with FREE gloves when using any of our Powders or Sprays.

Product Code ALODI01503

Product Reviews

Independent Service Reviews with Feefo

Date Score Customer Comment
Same excellent quality. Used all of them and seems to have worked.
As last year's products were affective in reducing an extremely bad moth infestation I was only too happy to repeat again this year.
Having a moth infestation, however small, can be a nightmare. The information was comprehensive and products easy to use. We would, however, have preferred to know that six or seven hours are required to fumigate a house if clearing plants, moving furniture etc. If we turn out to be moth free in a month or so I would be confident to recommend this product (fumers).
Very easy to use and seems to be v effective
Average. Still to fully see the result.

I used all three fumer units in a flat with a much smaller volume than that specified. I opened all cupboards and drawers to allow access to all areas. I set the fumers off at 07:00 and once happy that they had stopped burning I left the flat full of smoke until 15:00 when I aired the whole property fully.

Having been killing about 15 moths each evening before I tried the fumer I then didn't see any for over a week but have recently started to see them here and there so I'm starting to question how well they killed all the eggs. I might try again with more units to completely wipe them out.

There weren't any proper instructions, i.e. set it on a hard surface, ensure they have stopped burning before leaving them, etc, but it was fairly obvious.
Highly recommended. Thank you!
seemed to work, was easy to use, still waiting after 3 weeks to see if any more moths appear
I activated the "bombs" before I went to bed and closed all the doors. In the morning the house smelled as if I had had a fire in the rooms but no moths. And I have not seen any since so thank you and I would recommend the product as a quick way of getting rid of them.
very effective. would certainly recommend for killing moths and also worked well on a wasp nest.
Think I gave resolved the problem at last , hope to break the cycle soon
No moths since letting off the bombs nearly two weeks ago thanks

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