Value Pack 6x Mottlock Moth Boxes

£41.85 £46.50
You save: £4.65
Uses Action Extra
Traps and kills male moths
Breaks the moth breeding cycle
Integral hanger for use in wardrobes
Contains pheromone attractant
Sticky surface traps the moths
Pack of 6 Boxes
Each box lasts 3 months once opened
Fragrance free
Reusable - replacement strips available


This multi-pack purchase will save you 10% off single pack prices. Value pack contains 6 traps. Mottlock moth boxes are pheromone traps, used to monitor and control infestations of textile and clothes moths. Textile moths can occur on types of natural fibres, wool, silk, cashmere, clothing, carpets, materials, soft furnishings and upholstery. The larvae form of moth will feed on these natural fabrics.

The strips work as they are impregnated with an attractant pheromone in the sticky surface, which male moths become stuck to, enabling you to monitor the level of problem and break the breeding cycle. This pheromone mimics the scent released by the female moth to attract the male. It is specific to this type of moth and will not attract other species.

  • 6 Traps
  • Saving you 10% off single pack prices
  • Non-toxic
  • Odourless
  • Easy to Use
  • With pheromone attractant
  • 3 Month product life span

If you find you are catching moths in this trap, further control methods may be required to eliminate your moth problem. The traps are odourless, natural and safe. For use in wardrobes, bedrooms and living rooms. We recommend using the product continuously in order to monitor any new infestation.

Product Code AARIE00106

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very happy with them. i used them with the spray .
Seems to be collecting a lot of Moths. We saw a huge reduction in the amount of moths around the house within a couple of days. Fingers crossed this will break the breading cycle!
they did what they said on the tin

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