You Don't Deserve Moth Problems

Moths are tricky. Learn how to protect and care for your clothing and precious home textiles by identifying and dealing with moths.

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The Mediterranean Food Moth Species - A Homeowners Guide

There are two main species of Food Moths that will readily ruin your food and pantry—the Indian Meal Moth and the focus of this article; the Mediterranean Food Moth. Both moths are also commonly referred to as Flour Moths, as flour is a prime environment for the flying female moths to lay their eggs.

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Caring for Woollen Clothes

Extend the life of your wool clothing and blankets, and deter damaging clothes moths larvae by following the advice below.

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The Brown House Moth - A Homeowners Guide

David Short from Windsor, UK, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons It can be lovely to receive visitors, friends and family into your home. However, not all guests are welcome! Then there’s that house guest who just doesn’t get the message and is reluctant to leave. This is definitely the...

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Moth Balls - A Homeowners Guide

Farmercarlos at en.wikipedia), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons Moth balls were a go-to choice for deterring moths from getting into the home and destroying clothing. However, if you’re considering purchasing old fashioned naphthalene moth balls, there’s cause for pause. There are many dangers associated with naphthalene moth balls, which is...

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