MothPrevention High-Performance Clothes Moth Trap Refills - 6 Pack

6 replacement sticky refills for use in our MothPrevention® moth trap. Natural, non toxic and safe to use in the home. Use to replace the strip within the MothPrevention® Moth Trap 3 months after activation. Catches Clothes Moths and Carpet Moths and will not attract other moth species. Easy to use and highly effective.  Due to the entire glue strip being impregnated with natural moth pheromones these Moth Trap replacement strips have an impressive catch rate.

  • 6 Refills (3x 2pk) for use in the MothPrevention® Trap
  • Catches the 4 common Clothes Moths & Carpet Moths
  • Natural, non toxic and safe to use in your home
  • 3x the surface area of the Demi Diamond Moth Trap
  • Entire Glue strip impregnated with natural moth attractant
  • 3 Month lifespan once pealed to reveal sticky surface
  • Our traps do not attract untargeted species
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Product Details

The MothPrevention® Moth Trap is natural, non toxic pheromone sticky trap that is safe for use in the home. Perfect for monitoring and controlling infestations of Clothes Moths and Carpet Moths.

Our MothPrevention® Moth Trap has a blend of 3 natural female moth pheromones impregnated into the entire glue surface of the sticky strip, making the catch rate for this trap impressive. Once the strip is pealed to reveal the glue strip it will attract male adult moths for 3 months.

Moths attracted to this trap:
- Webbing Clothes Moth, otherwise know as the Common Clothes Moth (Tineola bisselliella)
- Case Bearing Moth, otherwise know as the Case Making Moth (Tinea pellionella)
- White Shouldered House Moth (Endrosis sarcitrella)
- Brown House Moth (Hofmannophila pseudospretella)

How it works: The MothPrevention® Moth Trap works because of the natural mix of female moth pheromone attractants within the glue strip. Adult Male Moths are attracted to the entire surface of the glue strip and become stuck to it. This does two things:

1. It removes male moth clothes moths and carpet moths from the breeding cycle, reducing the females ability to lay eggs
2. It enables you to monitor the catch rate of male moths. You can then determine the severity of the moth problem around your home over a period of time and act accordingly.

This trap is specific to Clothes Moths and Carpet Moths and will not attract other moth species.

For use in wardrobes, bedrooms and living areas around the home. We recommend using the moth traps continuously in order to monitor any new infestation.

If you find you are catching moths in this trap, further control methods may be required to eliminate your moth problem.  

Product Code: AMOTH00203

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