Powerful Clothes Moth Traps | 3 Pack | Proven Best Catch-Rates in the UK


Refillable, Odor-Free & Natural from MothPrevention® | Natural, Non-Toxic and Safe | German-Engineered Pheromones for Performance | Results Guaranteed

Outperforms the other well known brands such as PestStop and Acana, as well as the cheap Chinese sourced products - what you are paying for is the quality of the German Pheromones and our versatile proprietary trap design 

A 3pk of natural, non-toxic, safe to use moth traps. For catching Clothes Moths and Carpet Moths. Will not attract other species. Simple to use and highly effective with an impressive catch rate, due to the entire glue strip being impregnated with natural moth pheromones

  • 3 Traps in this pack
  • Can be hung in wardrobes / closets using the removable hanger or placed on shelves
  • Catches a broad range of Clothes Moths & Carpet Moths
  • Natural, non toxic and safe to use in the home
  • 3x the surface area of other moth traps
  • Entire Glue Strip impregnated with natural moth attractant
  • Will not attract other species
  • 1 Sticky Strip included with each Trap
  • Reusable/Refillable Product
  • Replacement Sticky Strips Available
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Product Details

The MothPrevention® Moth Trap is natural, non toxic and safe pheromone sticky glue trap to monitor and control infestations of Clothes Moths and Carpet Moths

Unlike many other brands of Moth Trap that have a simple glue strip and small pheromone 'tablet' to be placed near by, our MothPrevention® Moth Trap has a blend of 3 natural female moth pheromones impregnated into the entire glue surface of the sticky strip. This makes the catch rate for this trap impressive

Moths attracted to this trap:
- Webbing Clothes Moth, otherwise know as the Common Clothes Moth (Tineola bisselliella) 
- Case Bearing Moth, otherwise know as the Case Making Moth (Tinea pellionella) 
- White Shouldered House Moth (Endrosis sarcitrella) 
- Brown House Moth (Hofmannophila pseudospretella)

The MothPrevention® Moth Trap works through being impregnated with a blend of different natural female moth pheromone attractants impregnated into the sticky surface. Adult Male Moths are attracted to the glue strip and become stuck to it. This does two things:

1 - It removes the male moth from the breeding cycle, reducing the females ability to lay eggs
2 - It enables you to monitor the severity of the moth problem around your home as you can count the number of adult male moths that are caught over a period of time.

This trap is specific to Clothes Moths and Carpet Moths. It will not attract other species

  • 3 Traps in this pack
  • Catches a broad range of Clothes Moths & Carpet Moths
  • Natural, non toxic and safe to use in the home
  • Pheromone attractant covers entire glue strip
  • 3x the surface area of the Demi Diamond Trap
  • 3 Month product life span
  • Will not attract other species
  • 1 Sticky Strip included with Trap

For use in closets, bedrooms and living rooms around the home. We recommend using the moth traps continuously in order to monitor any new infestation

Replacement sticky strips are available for this product.

If you find you are catching moths in this trap, further control methods may be required to eliminate your moth problem

Product Code: AMOTH00103


Karen : Are the same as the ones for in the affected carpet room, same applies.
Trusted Customer : Not sure how to rate these as they haven’t caught any moths - but this may be because the other products purchased at the same time were effective. Quite easy to assemble and hang up.
Trusted Customer : Great containers for the pheromone sheets
Trusted Customer : As written above (did not see this box until other was sent!) Little moths on wall near the trap. Nothing on the trap after 2 weeks.
Trusted Customer : only 2 moths caught in a fortnight.
Hazel Goldman : Trap rate is good - so if they improve the design I would purchase again.
Trusted Customer : Good product. Can see how many moths you trap each day
Byron Dawson : Delivery was fine. Product is useless. It has now been installed several weeks and during that time the score is. ME - 48 moths swotted and destroyed. PHEROMONE MOTH TRAP - zero moths caught. It was a total waste of money and I would have had a better result putting up double sided sticky tape at a fraction of the price. Do not throw your money away on this product. Before the firm says I am not trapping clothes moths, I am an entomologist and know a clothes moth when I see one.
Trusted Customer : Brilliant. Give a really good idea of the site and size of infestation of carpet
Trusted Customer : It doesn't work a waste of money
Angela Horn : Seem very effective. Have been using them for months and they certainly attract the moths, even when I don't see any around. Follow the suggestion from the company to place them at 3-6 feet above floor level as apparently this is where they catch the males before they manage to find a female and mate.
Trusted Customer : Although these traps do indeed catch moths, they are very awkward to assemble without (a) getting one's hands covered in extremely sticky material, and (b) getting the sticky pad stuck to the front of the container instead of the back. There should also be advice provided on how to get the sticky stuff off hands and surfaces.
Trusted Customer : Great unobtrusive and easy to use. Reliable.
Trusted Customer : Brilliant! Pheromone attracted male carpet moths immediately.
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