You Don't Deserve Moth Problems

Moths are tricky. Learn how to protect and care for your clothing and precious home textiles by identifying and dealing with moths.

pantry moths

Getting Rid of Moths with Essential Oils

If you decide to implement essential oils to keep moths out of your home, using the right kinds of essential oils in the correct strengths and in the right manners is important. Here are some tips for using essential oils to keep moths away.

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Moth Larvae on Your Kitchen Ceiling? Here's What to Do!

If you are wondering how to get rid of Pantry Moth Larvae on your ceiling areas, you are not alone. To treat an infestation up high, there are a few surefire things that can be done. Below, we will cover how to get rid of these creepy crawlies and keep them away from your ceiling, pantry, and home, for good!

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Are Moths Active in Winter?

Many species of moths are indeed active in the cold winter months. For one thing, moths can easily make themselves at home inside warm places like attics, garages, basements, wardrobes, and even chimneys. In addition to this, many types of moth larvae have the ability to feed on materials that are entirely inedible to other animals or even other insects.

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Are Moths Attracted to Light and UV Light?

Are Pantry Moths attracted to UV light, and can these bug zappers help you with your pest problem? What about Clothes Moths? Can you lure Clothes Moths out with a black light? We will explore this and more, in-depth below!

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