The Benefits of Moth Traps

Apr 09, 2012

Now is the time when clothes and carpet moth larvae start to pupate and turn into adult moths, stimulated by the increasing Spring temperatures we are now experiencing.

At we’re seeing sales of moth traps and moth boxes rocket!

Both traps and boxes work on the same principle: the integral sticky glue boards are impregnated with the female moth pheromone to attract male moths.  It is the males that fly in search of a mate (the females will only fly if provoked, preferring to hop or crawl).  The males get stuck on the glue boards.  The benefits are two-fold:  the impact of trapping the males is to help break the breeding cycle, but the traps also work as an effective monitoring device – especially useful given that adult moths hate light and prefer to fly at night when we are generally asleep.

All moth traps on the market have an effective life of 3 months – the pheromone is dissipated into the air and consequently after 3 moths the effect is significantly diminished, as with anti-moth herbal sachets, air fresheners, pot pourri etc.

The difference between clothes moth traps and moth boxes is simply that the pheromone glue boards can be replaced in moth boxes – they are more expensive to buy initially, but if you are looking for extended coverage and protection they are more cost effective in the longer term. Moth traps are disposable, i.e. thrown away after 3 months.

Whether you’re looking for moth traps, moth boxes or replacement strips, check out the Moth Traps range at and save with our Value Packs.