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Clothes Moth Killer Kit - 6 Months' Protection

Clothes Moth Killer Kit - 6 Months' Protection

Our Clothes Moths Killer Kit destroys larvae and eggs within the wardrobes, drawers and clothing in one room with the moth spray and moth strips in the set.

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£62.00 £78.74
Clothes Moth Killer Kit - Large Infestation

Clothes Moth Killer Kit - Large Infestation

Kill Clothes Moths, larvae and eggs within the wardrobes, drawers and clothing in 2+ well sized rooms.

Delivered Next Working Day
£108.00 £146.39
Moth Killer Kit - Extreme Power

Moth Killer Kit - Extreme Power

Our most Intensive, Powerful and Versatile Moth Killer Kit. Acts immediately to kill the Clothes Moths, Carpet Moths, larvae and eggs.

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£135.00 £193.35

Clothes Moth Killer Kits - More Details

Save Yourself £££'s as Standard & Get it Delivered Next Working Day as Standard in the U.K. Our Clothes Moth Killer Kits are our Number One sellers for good reason. We've worked with our suppliers to make sure that the best combination of products have been placed together for you. We've also put together clear & simple guides to accompany our clothes moth killer kits. This ensures that you apply your treatment safely, effectively and efficiently to maximise results and get your clothes moth infestation under control.

Killer Kit Benefits: All the products you need in one box, a clear guide on 'How to Use' safely and to best effect, delivered Next Working Day as standard, discounted as standard to save you £££'s, Gloves and Mask provided for your safety, access to a telephone helpline should you need someone to speak to.

Need Location / Situation Suggested Solution
To treat where there is concern that clothes moths, larvae and eggs may be deep within nooks & crannies of the room as well as wardrobe space. Bedrooms, Walk-in Wardrobes & Dressing Rooms Clothes Moth Killer Kit - 6 Months' Protection,
Clothes Moth Killer Kit - Large Infestation,
Moth Killer Kit Extreme Power

Solutions to Your Clothes Moth Infestation

With modern houses and central heating, the clothes moth lifecycle has extended to become a year-round problem and you are far more likely to find moths in your house. This section contains a wide range of moth control products specifically designed to get rid of clothes moths, however big or small the moth problem is. We have categorised our range of treatments to kill moths and deter moths as follows:

Pheromone Moth Traps - based on trapping the male moth to break the moth breeding cycle and using naturally occurring pheromones. Clothes moths traps, while effective to kill moths, are safe and can be conveniently located in or near clothes storage areas or in living rooms. These moth traps typically last 3 months and we sell replacement strips as a cost-effective way to extend the life of the moth traps rather than replacing the whole product. We also have value packs of clothing moth traps and replacement moth strips to enable you to make even further savings - if you have moths in the house then we'd strongly recommend clothes moth traps as a key part of your plan to deter and destroy clothes moths.

Clothes Moth Killer Products - more aggressive treatment can be applied to kill moths and eradicate a persistent clothing moth problem. These products are effective, but must be used safely away from children and pets until the treatment routine is completed. Deterrent products are effective in prevention but for an existing identified moth infestation, clothes moth killer products need to be used in conjunction with thorough cleaning to eliminate the moth larvae and eggs.

Also please check out our range of complete Carpet Moth Killer Kits to make your shopping easier and to benefit from further great savings.

Our advice guides throughout the art of prevention blog will help you learn how to get rid of clothes moths, or contact us by using our Contact Form. We aim to reply within 24hrs (Monday to Friday).

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