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Moth Boxes - Your Questions Answered

Jan 20, 2014

Known as Moth Boxes, Moth Traps and Pheromone Traps they're probably one of the most effective products on the market for getting rid of moths! Moths seem to be getting active early this year, so perhaps it's worth going over a few facts How does it work? - The Trap works by attracting male Clothes Moths & Carpet Moths. The Trap consists of a sticky board that is coated with the female moths' pheromone - this makes the sticky strip attractive to the males and results in the males getting caught on the sticky board within Which work best -...

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Replacing Your Moth Eaten Carpets!

Mar 18, 2013

We get plenty of ‘phone calls form customers who are planning on replacing their moth-eaten carpets and want to know what’s best to avoid a repeat infestation – we thought a Blog post would help those in ‘research mode’, so, here goes:  We’d always recommend using the same Carpet Month Killer Kit that you’d be using if you were keeping your carpets, but slightly differently.  Vacuum thoroughly all areas of the carpet being replaced, especially paying close attention to corners and along skirting boards using the fine nozzle on your vacuum cleaner – empty the cleaner, whether using bags or...

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Can You Moth Proof Carpets?

Aug 06, 2012

Many customers ask whether it is possible to moth proof existing wool carpets or buy new moth proof carpets – we thought we’d answer these questions here for the benefit of others who may be wondering about this area of confusion. Firstly, buying new moth proof carpets is only possible if you go for a purely synthetic option, although for some people it triggers the thought of going to a wooden or laminate flooring option to replace carpets that have suffered from attack by moths, particularly where repeated infestations have been difficult to control – obviously this depends on your...

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Borax and Moth Control – Setting the Record Straight

Jul 25, 2012

Borax is sometimes recommended as a substance that can be used for moth control, but not by, so we thought that we ought to put the record straight about Borax! Borax is a naturally occurring compound that is often used for laundry purposes and other widespread applications such as buffering in chemical engineering, as a flux for welding and increasingly in gold mining in place of mercury. Borax is toxic and can kill if ingested, even in very small quantities for children and pets, so safety with Borax around the home is paramount. It can affect fertility in humans....

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Be Prepared – The Weather’s Turned!

Jul 24, 2012

As we leave behind us (we hope!) the wet first half of the summer and head into dryer, warmer weather in time for the Olympic Games, moths will be seen in out force. The humidity was 20 degrees higher than normal over the last 3 months due to the exceptional rainfall and the now notorious ‘jet-stream’ effect.  What that means for moths is that the larvae have had ideal feeding conditions – they do not drink, but absorb moisture through their food sources, namely your clothes and carpets!  Left unchecked in darker and undisturbed places such as under furniture and...

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