Natural Carpet Moth Killer Kit - 1 Room

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The Natural Carpet Moth Killer Kit for 1 room offers you everything you will need to eliminate carpet moths and save the significant expense of calling in professional pest controllers or suffering damage to your property.

We created this Kit in response to customers who had small children, sensitive pets or breathing difficulties who wanted a completely natural solution to their carpet moth problem. This is a comprehensive kit and will enable you to eradicate moths from a larger room and help keep the pests away for at least 3 months.

  • Natural and Effective at killing moths, larvae and eggs
  • Save £££ compared to purchasing separately
  • Professional grade products safe for home use
  • Step-by-Step Guide provided
  • Covers 1 well sized room
  • Kills Carpet Moths, larvae and eggs
Natural Carpet Moth Killer Kit - 1 Room


Theresa Barrington
Thursday, 30 September 2021
Easy to order, quick delivery, very pleased with product, would recommend.
MothPrevention's Reply:
Dear Theresa Thank you so much for your 5 star review and great feedback on our Natural Carpet Moth Killer Kit! We love hearing from our customers and nothing brings a smile more than reading that your moth problem has been solved! Even though you have replaced your wool carpet with a manmade one we would advise that you continue to monitor for moths - the traps will last for 12 weeks after opening so it is worth keeping them in place just in case. Best wishes Amanda

Product Details

Contained within your Kit:

  • 3x MothPrevention Moth Traps
  • 1x 530ml Fortefog Natural Aerosol Protector
  • 1x 500g Desi-Dust (Natural Diatomaceous Earth)
  • Gloves and Face Mask (FFP2 rated. Conforms to EN149:2001. Filters 94% of airborne particles)
  • A Straightforward Step-by-Step Guide

Product Breakdown:

  • 3x MothPrevention Moth Traps: Our moth traps are 100% natural and non-toxic. They work by using moth pheromones to attract sexually active male carpet moths and clothes moths to the glue strip within. Positioning them 3-6 feet high in your chosen room will reduce the number of adult males available to seek out females. Also, as textile moths are nocturnal it is not easy to know how many you have flying! Each Trap has a 3 month life once activated! You can protect your room for an entire season with this Kit! Using our traps will allow you to monitor the number of moths from the catch rate and act accordingly
  • Fortefog Natural Aerosol Protector: Our best selling Fortefog Natural Protector Aerosol is used by professional pest controllers. It contains a naturally occurring pesticide which will kill larvae and adult moths on contact. It will dry within 2-3 hours of application to leave a persistent coating that is invisible, non-staining, and will last for up to 3 weeks
  • Desi-Dust (Natural Diatomaceous Earth): A natural powder that although completely non-toxic to us will break down the outer barrier of an insects body to dehydrate and desiccate it. Pesticide Free, yet very effective at killing insects, larvae and eggs for as long as in position. Should ideally be left in place for 7-10 days

A detailed guide is supplied with this Killer Kit. Apply these products as instructed within our guide and you will get rid of the clothes moths in your home.

Health & Safety:
- Read all product labels before use
- Children and Pets should not be permitted within a room where a treatment is being carried out or until treated surfaces are dry and the room aired
- Plants should be removed from a room prior to any spray or fogger treatment
- Store product in a cool dry area, away from food & water and out of reach of children
- Do not use sprays near sources of heat or naked flame
- We recommend the use of the provided mask & gloves when using any of our Spray, Fumers or Powder Treatments

If you have an established infestation across two or more rooms you might want to consider our Natural Carpet Moth Killer Kit - 2-3 Rooms. With more than 2 times the content for less than double the price it provides a powerful kit at a great price.

Product Code: AUKK006

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Natural Carpet Moth Killer Kit - 1 Room

£35.79 £55.28
You save £19.49
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Natural Carpet Moth Killer Kit - 1 Room
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