Clothes Moths Infestations Getting Worse, Reports BBC and Telegraph

It’s in the news! Both the BBC and The Telegraph have reported today that Clothes Moths are becoming more of a problem year on year for owners of precious textiles and clothing!

BBC: Rapid rise of clothes moths …

The Telegraph: Moths are threatening the fabric of …

Of course, we’ve known this for a long time. We’ve experienced a ever greater need for our Moth Prevention products over the past 5 years.

Your textiles and clothing don’t need to be ‘old’ or ‘historic’ for Clothes Moths to be attracted to them. Your woollens, cashmere jumpers, silk scarves, leather & suede jackets and boots, woollen carpets, decorative rugs etc are all tempting to passing clothes moths. Once moths have laid their eggs it will only be a week or so before their larvae are damaging your precious clothes or carpets.

The best way to protect your clothes and carpets is to:
- Know how to identify Signs of Moth Problems, and
- Follow our 5 Steps of Moth Control

We have a comprehensive range of moth killing products, and they are ‘professional grade’. Our products are certified safe for the home user and will effectively get rid of the moths, larvae and eggs in your home.

See our Clothes Moth Killer Products and Carpet Moth Killer Products.

If you're suffering from a moth problem and would like helpful and friendly advice please do contact us.
Telephone: 01300 321 098 (Mon-Thu 9am to 5pm & Fri 9am - 4pm)

About MothPrevention®

MothPrevention® speak to customers every day about their clothes moth issues - clothes moths are a species that are ever increasing and that can cause significant damage to clothes, carpets and other home textiles.

To date, we’ve helped over 150,000 customers deal with their moth problems. We have developed professional grade solutions including proprietary pheromones engineered in Germany to the highest production standards.

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