Carpet Moth Killer Kits

Everything You Need to Remove Carpet Moths from Your Home

Save Yourself 5% as Standard & Receive Your Moth Killer Kit Next Working Day as Standard in the U.K. Our Carpet Moth Killer Kits are our Number One sellers for good reason. We've worked with our suppliers to make sure that the best combination of carpet moth prevention products have been placed together for you. We've also put together clear & simple guides to accompany our kits. This ensures that you apply your treatment safely, effectively and efficiently to maximise results and get your carpet moth infestation under control.

Killer Kit Benefits: All the products you need in one box, a clear guide on 'How to Use' safely and to best effect, delivered Next Working Day as standard, 5% discounted as standard, Gloves and Mask provided for your safety, access to a telephone helpline should you need someone to speak to.

Problem / Need Location Solution
Chemical treatment required where evidence of carpet moth damage has been found to rugs and carpets Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Hallways & Stairs

Carpet Moth Killer Kit 1 Room,
Carpet Moth Killer Kit 2-3 Room or Moth Killer Kit - Extreme Power

Natural treatment required where evidence of carpet moth damage has been found to rugs and carpets
Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Hallways & Stairs, kitchens
Natural Carpet Moth Killer Kit or Natural Carpet Moth Killer Kit 2-3 Room
If you have a concern that the clothes within your Wardrobes and Drawers need ongoing treatment please look at our Clothes Moth Killer Kits

More About Carpet Moth Killer Kits.

We have 4 different Carpet Moth Killer Kits available; 2 are insecticide based and 2 are natural. All 4 of our kits will put you in control of your moth infestation and remove the carpet moths from your moth infested rooms. We've worked with our suppliers to create these effective Killer Kits to make sure that we provide you with the best combination of products to kill the carpet moths, larvae and eggs in your home.

Chemical Based Killer Kits: Moth Fumers (Smoke Bombs), Persistent Spray, Persistent Powder, Carpet Moth Traps (Pheromone based) and 'how to' guide. We provide you with a powerful combination of products that when used inline with the clear guide will kill the moths, larvae and eggs within your infested rooms.

Natural Based Killer Kits: You may need to (or prefer to) use natural products when treating your home for the removal of Carpet Moths. Our Natural Carpet Moth Killer Kits contain only natural products, but they are extremely effective at killing carpet moths, larvae and eggs. The persistent spray is a naturally derived insect killer and the powder is natural diatomaceous earth. The traps contain only natural moth pheromone to attract the male moth to the glue-strip within.

As with all treatments there is sometimes the need for repeat treatments to be carried out. Once you have carried out a Killer Kit treatment we recommend that you keep the treated room as clean and clutter-free as possible and remain vigilant. Looking for fresh traces of moth damage or evidence of moths will put you in a position where you can act fast if a repeat treatment is required. Kits provide you with sufficient spray and powder to repeat treat, and all of the products provided within our kits are available to purchase separately if required.

Kit Benefits:
- Available for 1 Room or 2-3 Rooms, providing you with only the product you need
- Pre-discounted 5% to save you money
- Packed in a single box and delivered to you Next Working Day as standard within the U.K.
- A clear 'how to' guide is provided so that you know exactly what to do to eliminate carpet moths, larvae and eggs, as well as how to use your kit safely and efficiently

We've helped thousands of customers deal effectively with moth prevention and damage by carpet moths - with great pre- and post-sale support so that you're not alone, fast and secure delivery service, clear advice guides and ensuring that you have the right products to deal with your moth infestation, fast! - The UK's Widest Range for Moth Control.

All backed by our unique 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!