Moth Treatments and Your Safety

Jan 28, 2016

You and Your Family
The primary concern when carrying out any form of treatment should be your health, the health of your family, and the health of your pets. We provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) with all Moth Killer Kits purchased and offer additional Protective Respirator Mask (with FREE Gloves) for sale within all fumer, spray and powder categories. If you’re going to be involved in the application of a treatment that involves the use of fumers, spray and powders we recommend the use of PPE. Children should always be kept out of a room undergoing treatment until it has been completed.

Your Pets
The welfare of your pets (cats, dogs, rodents, fish and other animals!) should always be considered when carrying out any form of domestic chemical treatment in the home (or garden!) - for example, fuming or spraying carpets to protect from moths (or spraying roses in your garden to protect them from blackfly!).

Pets of any kind should not be permitted into a room until a treatment has been completed. It may be that you have a fish tank in the room requiring treatment and it can not be moved - If this is the case you should avoid the use of fumers and aerosol sprays.

Treating Rooms with Fish Tanks: Trigger sprays and powders can potentially be used as they present less of a risk to fish due to the heavier spray and powder falling quickly to the floor when used. It is important to completely seal the tank before commencing though, and this can be done by wrapping the tank in ‘cling film’ and then covering the wrapped tank with towels. It is very important to carefully assess your success in sealing your tank before carrying out your treatment. It is also important to act accordingly if your fish tank has an ‘air-stone’ - You will need to turn off the external air pump and seal it with a polythene bag before carrying out your treatment. If you have any doubt about your ability to seal your tank you should not carry out a chemical treatment within the room.

Our Safety Recommendation
If you intend to carry out a treatment where Moth Fumers (Smoke Bombs), Moth Powders or Moth Sprays are to be used children and animals should not be permitted in to the room until the treatment has been completed. By ‘completed’ we mean:

Fumers: The room must be aired for a minimum of 2 hours after the treatment time - This can be done simply by opening windows and allowing 'fresh air' to circulate
Persistent sprays: Once a spray has been applied to a carpet, skirting boards or other surfaces it should be left to dry completely before allowing pets in to the room. This should take between 1-2 hours depending on the temperature of the room, the flow of air within the room, and the volume of spray that you apply. Check all areas are completely dry before allowing pets access to the room
Powders: Powder can be removed from a room with a vacuum cleaner. We recommend that the bag and filters (if applicable) be replaced to avoid any risk of powder being transferred to other rooms when next using the vacuum cleaner. Bagless cleaners will need to be cleaned inline with manufacturers instructions
Positioning of sachets, moth balls and other small products: To remove the risk of choking and ingestion of toxic ingredients position out of reach of young children and pets 

Using Natural Sprays and Powders
If you would prefer not to use chemicals we have a range of natural moth control products. However, we advise that 'Our Safety Recommendation’ be followed when using natural repellents to avoid any risk of discomfort for your children and pets.

Chemical Storage
Store moth treatment products in the same way as you store cleaning products and garden fertilisers within your home - always store them out of reach of children and animals.


Please be reassured that all of our products are tightly regulated and perfectly safe for use in a domestic environment. We stock well established household brands as well as products manufactured by companies responsible for the welfare and safety of professional pest controllers. By following the simple instructions provided with all of our products you will remove the moth infestation from your home in a safe and effective manner.

If you have any questions relating to the safe use of any of our products please Contact Us. We've helped thousands of customers deal effectively with moth prevention and damage by moths and will be very happy to advise you on the safest and most effective way to treat your moth infestation.