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29-May-2018 Oa2ki Organic Powder Aerosol 500ml
I phoned them to add some items to an online order, and it was actioned with out any hassle or extra expense. Items arrive quickly, with email updates re delivery.
29-May-2018 Natural Carpet Moth Killer Kit - 1 Room
Delivery very speedy, don't know yet if its worked, Hope so
27-May-2018 Value Pack 3x Moth Prevention Moth Traps
Everything I ordered arrived quickly with no problems
25-May-2018 Zero In Demi-Diamond Trap Refill Twin Pack
Super fast delivery , products are easy to use and effective.
23-May-2018 Value Pack 3x Midi Fumer 15g
We were starting with a moth problem again so decided to act fast and use the smoke bombs early this year.
Very prompt delivery and so far no more moths.
Dislike the residual smell but it goes in a few days so prepared to put up with it to be moth free.
22-May-2018 Value Pack 3x Insectrol Moth Killer Spray 250ml
Good quick service
21-May-2018 Value Pack 2x Fortefog Natural Protector Aerosol 530ml
Very quick delivery, website was comprehensive and easy to navigate. I wanted a natural product, it's too soon to say if it's worked completely but it's looking good
20-May-2018 Value Pack 4x Demi-Diamond Trap Refill Twin Packs (8 Strips)
Would recommend.
19-May-2018 Value Pack 3x Moth Prevention Moth Traps
The products work simple as that. The Moth casette traps catch a lot of moths, and the min fumers wipe out the moths totally.....very happy - James
16-May-2018 Value Pack 6x Clothes Moth Killer Cassette 4 Packs
Very efficient service, website easy to use and informative.Good value products
15-May-2018 Value Pack 3x Zero In Clothes Moth Killer Spray 300ml
11-May-2018 Hanging Moth Proofer 4 Pack
Great service
Best products after using another company products that did not do a lot got rid of months now and just on prevention program now
10-May-2018 Insectrol Powder 150g
Order was short one item. Complaint received courteously, and replacement received by post next day.
10-May-2018 Anti Moth Proofer Balls (20 Units)
Amazing Wardrobe Protection Kit!! Total protection! Very happy with my purchase. speedy shipping.
I love it. Thank you so much!
07-May-2018 Zero In Clothes Moth Killer Spray - 300ml
Great products but I was disappointed that the refill strips were sold oit
04-May-2018 Value Pack 4x Demi-Diamond Trap Refill Twin Packs (8 Strips)
Goods arrived quickly and work efficiently
03-May-2018 Moth Killer Kit - Extreme Power
So far so good ! My parents had a Moth infestation and we / or they managed to bring the little blighters down to our flat, we have tried various things over the last 2 years but nothing has really worked. The hottest weekend so far (April 21st) we had decided was going to be Spring Cleaning weekend. Our bedroom got blitzed, given a through hoover and then spraying with the Extreme Killer Kit spray, once dry the powerder when down and we left it for a couple of hours. I tackled the kitchen, emptying cupboards (amazing what you find that you forgot you had !) and giving them a good disinfecting and then spraying the kitchen spray - thank goodness for the face mask it was certainly needed. We left that for a few hours and came back to find little dead bodies.

What is great about the kitchen spray is, as it says on the bottle, you do not feel any sticky or tackiness on the cupboards however after leaving it a day I can see that any moths that escaped my cleaning were somehow attracted to the cupboard but didn't get any further. I did spray another couple of times and left it again for a few hours - it was a bad infestation so I wanted to make sure I had them all !

Our bedroom and the kitchen are now back to normal and with no little cocoon's / catepillers or flying moths around. We started the spare bedroom, which has been sprayed and power down, this weekend we can finish and then do the hall and lounge - although we may need to order another kit for the lounge as we might not have enough spray.

Anyway, I am very impressed, I was a bit sceptical at first having used numerous products before, but I would highly recommend these products !!!!
01-May-2018 Insectaclear C - 1 Litre
delivered speedily, thank you
16-Apr-2018 Value Pack 6x Cedar Hanging Sachets
Good range of products. Everything needed for mothproofing our home. Good value and fast delivery.
10-Apr-2018 Value Pack 2x Fortefog Natural Protector Aerosol 530ml
I have (unfortunately!) needed to buy moth prevention products from this company in the past - now it is just a maintenance operation each Spring. This time I made a phone call to check on the best product to use and received friendly and charming advice followed by incredibly quick (next day) delivery. Many thanks. Until next year . . . !

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