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25-Feb-2017 Clothes Moth Killer Cassette 4 Pack
Prompt ervice
24-Feb-2017 Food Moth Killer Kit - 6 Month's Protection
Swift dispatch and delivery. However once I had researched the food moths and how to recognise them and clean effectively to erradicate them, I had no need of the products I purchased! The package remains unopened, and if there is the possibility of return and refund I would be most grateful.
24-Feb-2017 4 Large Vacuum Bags - Clear - 90x55cm
Very prompt and efficient service
23-Feb-2017 Hanging Moth Proofer 4 Pack
Delivery was very speedy. The website simple to follow when ordering. Everything was very efficient.
23-Feb-2017 Moth Clothes & Fabric Spray 200ml
Very fast delivery! Thank you!
20-Feb-2017 Clothes Moth Killer Kit - 6 Months' Protection
great kit very easy to use. clear instructions
19-Feb-2017 Value Pack 4x Demi-Diamond Moth Traps
Nothing seems to work. Even after bombing and spraying the moths are still living
19-Feb-2017 Zero In Demi-Diamond Trap Refill Twin Pack
Helpful staff on the phone. Sent me a fresh spray when I felt I had a dud one! Would definitely return to them if the moths return!
16-Feb-2017 Value Pack 4x Demi-Diamond Moth Traps
The parcel arrived on the day originally stated!
15-Feb-2017 Carpet Moth Killer Kit - 1 Room Treatment
The kit arrived promptly, the instructions were very clear I should have put the smoke 'bombs' onto baking trays as instructed as the cake trays I used were only just wide enough as one item sparked up like a firework. The mask warms your face up very quickly but an essential part of the kit. The desi-dust was a little awkward to apply lifting the edge of the carpet with the other hand but I managed. The Insectaclear childproof top was hard to open but the product clear didn't stain & reassuringly effective. The moth catcher remains empty.
15-Feb-2017 Zero In Demi-Diamond Moth Trap
Good advice when I rang, most grateful.
14-Feb-2017 Moth Clothes & Fabric Spray 200ml
so far so good :)
14-Feb-2017 Value Pack 4x Demi-Diamond Trap Refill Twin Packs (8 Strips)
Good - as usual. arrived in good time and all the devices are - I think - keeping the beesties at bay.
11-Feb-2017 Value Pack 4x Demi-Diamond Trap Refill Twin Packs (8 Strips)
I do not understand why the sticky panel cannot have a gum-free strip at the top of it. I get the gum on my fingers every time I have to peel back the top to write the date on.
It surely can't b that hard to produce the sticky panel to have one very small strip at the top without the gum on it.
I have bought your moth killers for 4 years now and nothing has been done to make any improvement of the product. Given that there are SO expensive for what they are, and have to be re purchased every 3 months, you really should see to improving the strips so we don't get the gum on our fingers. It drives me mad.
07-Feb-2017 Insectrol Moth Killer Spray 250ml
quick and easy
07-Feb-2017 4 Large Vacuum Bags - Clear - 90x55cm
Fast and efficient
06-Feb-2017 Value Pack 3x Red Cedar Balls (60 Units)
Please with the service and product purchased. Busy knitting and adding the balls to all the boxes of stored yarn and finished products.
06-Feb-2017 Protective Respirator Mask & FREE Gloves
Swift service with very good product. We always use this site.
01-Feb-2017 Clothes Moth Killer Cassette 4 Pack
Great service.
30-Jan-2017 Value Pack 3x Mini Fumer 3.5g
They are incredibly skilled and knowledgeable and do not have a faceless approach which gives me faith in the advice and their products. Top knot check business and staff.

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