You Can Do It! This Testimonial Explains How

You Can Do It! This Testimonial Explains How

The best testimonial is one from a happy customer. When we received Becky’s 2 minute video we were thrilled. We love it because it’s candid, informative, and inspiring for anyone with a moth problem - That’s why this Post is all about it!

We hope watching Becky’s video gives you the confidence you might need. The confidence to believe you can take control back from the moths in your home, and that with a little help from our team & products you can get there.

Thank you Becky for your candid, informative, and inspiring review.



Becky says: “Having Moths in your home doesn’t need to cost you a huge amount of money … I’m so glad I contacted MothPrevention …”

We say: "We heartily agree and thank you for coming to us. As Becky says - there isn’t always the need to remove carpets, destroy clothes and pay for a Pest Controller to fix your problem. Cleaning, placement of moth traps, and a Moth Killer Kit can get rid of the moths in your home.

Becky says: “A simple, effective, convenient and inexpensive way of dealing with what seemed like a massive problem …”

We say: "You're right! Our Traps are as 'simple as 1-2-3’ to set-up and they last for 3 months once activated. And our Killer Kits contain a straightforward ‘How to Use’ guide - walking you through the process as simply and quickly as possible. "

Becky says: “I notice some moths around my house … there was moth damage everywhere … we knew we had a really big problem …”

We say: "We hear this from many customers. We recognise that a moth infestation can leave you feeling out of control and ‘invaded’. However, it doesn’t have to be that way! Our Advice Guides and products put you in control."

Becky says: “I wasn’t really sure what to do … I got the advice from MothPrevention, which really helped me …”

We say: "We’re glad to read that it was all worthwhile. We’re only a message away, whether that’s via our website, Facebook, or email. Our team is eager to offer help and advice and we recognise that everyone’s situation is different."

Becky says: “I felt far less overwhelmed by the whole process …”

We say: "That’s lovely to hear! We understand that having a moth infestation can be overwhelming. It’s a stressful situation when you can’t find the root cause of your moth problem. We’re pleased to be able to provide the products, the reach-out, and the reassurance that all of our customers need."

Becky says: “The Kit you get from MothPrevention is so effective …”

We say: "We agree with you, and for good reason. We’ve sourced the best professional grade products for our Clothes, Carpet and Pantry Moth Killer Kits! They’re powerful and safe for use in the home. When matched up with our best selling traps they form a package that will kill moths, larvae and eggs."

Becky says: “It’s saved all of my carpets and pretty much all of my clothes … I haven’t had a problem with Moths since …”

We say: "That’s great news! Sometimes one Kit is enough when used in combination with a thorough cleaning routine. Although sometimes a repeat treatment is needed to getting rid of Moths for good. We also recommend continuing with cleaning routines and remaining vigilant!"

Becky says: “I still buy the Moth Traps, just for reassurance that moths aren’t coming back ...”

We Say: "Absolutely, that’s just as we recommend. We mention above about remaining vigilant and the best way to do that is by keeping Moth Traps in place! They’re a great way to monitor your home 24/7 for moth activity. Our traps are refillable and our Moth Trap Refills will save you money when compared to buying new traps time after time.

Keep traps active: If your catch rate is in decline you know you’re in control!"

About MothPrevention

MothPrevention® speak to customers every day about their clothes moth issues - clothes moths are a species that are ever increasing and that can cause significant damage to clothes, carpets and other home textiles.

To date, we’ve helped over 150,000 customers deal with their moth problems. We have developed professional grade solutions including proprietary pheromones engineered in Germany to the highest production standards.

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