Moth Spray - Moth Killer and Repellent Spray

Kill and Repel Clothes Moths with our Range of Moth Sprays!

Powerful knockdown moth killer sprays with a persistent killing effect. Perfect for hitting your moth infestation hard. 

Need Location Recommended Solution
‘Knockdown’ spray for live adult moths Any Location where moths present Insectrol Moth Killer or Zero-In Killer Spray
Persistent protection from moth larvae on rugs, sofas, curtains, carpets Bedrooms and Living Rooms Fortefog Natural Aerosol, Insectaclear C, Insectaclear Strong or Oa2ki Trigger
Deter moths from laying eggs on garments Bedrooms Anti-Moth Spray or Zero-In Killer Spray (kills moth eggs and deters)
We recommend the use of a Protective Respirator Mask and gloves when using any of our Spray products.

Moth Killer and Repellent Spray Range

We provide three main types of moth sprays – moth killer sprays, protection sprays for textiles and moth oil spray to treat wooden storage units.

Our Moth Killer Spray range includes the Zero-In Moth Killer Spray and the Insectrol Moth Spray Killer from Rentokil: Insectrol clothes moth spray can be used as a space spray to treat a room and drawers and wardrobes (left for 15 minutes unventilated after use, or a direct ‘knockdown’ spray against moths. The Zero-In Clothes Moth Killer Spray is particularly versatile - this unique moth spray has the advantage of being suitable to apply to fabric (not clothing) to kills larvae and eggs - it has already become a best seller.

Protection moth sprays for textiles can be directly applied to clothes and carpets without damage (other than potentially light coloured clothing that may show some residue). This is mainly a moth prevention treatment. The Aries Moth Clothes Spray contains neem oil (a natural extract from the Indian neem tree seeds).

Bambule oil moth spray is applied to the inside of wooden furniture and waxes the furniture as well as deterring moths! It contains lavender to deter moths and has natural plant derived waxes that also cares for the wood (wardrobes, chests of drawers etc). 

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