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Carpet Moths can be persistent household pests and we strongly recommend a continual prevention regime. Warmer weather combined with centrally heated homes has led to carpet moth infestations becoming a year-round problem. The larvae cause the damage and carry on eating woolen and other natural fibres all year round. The adult moths are relatively harmless, other than their ability to increase the population of carpet moths dramatically if left unchecked!

Carpet moths inhabit less disturbed and darker areas - behind sofas, along skirting boards, under bookcases are typical hiding places for carpet moth larvae. Regular vacuuming in these areas, moving furniture and opening curtains in lesser-used rooms will all help to create a less desirable environment for carpet moths to settle and cause subsequent expensive damage.

We've helped thousands of customers deal with their moth problems effectively - with great pre- and post-sale support so that you're not alone, fast and secure delivery service, by giving you really clear instruction guides and ensuring that you have enough of the right products to deal with your moth infestation fast!

Effective Treatments for Carpet Moths

Carpet Moth DamageThe appropriate treatment depends on whether you want a ‘harder-hitting’ treatment to act as fast as possible or whether you are particularly concerned to use a natural solution if you are worried about small children or pets.

Using natural treatments is harder work, but will yield results.

For a natural solution, we'd recommend the Natural Carpet Moth Killer Kit , combining the effectiveness of our two best selling products - the Fortefog Protector Aerosol and the Oa2ki Powder Aerosol supported by the Moth Box with the best catch rates of adult moths from our experience on a controlled test.

To use these products, after very thorough vacuuming, spray the Fortefog Natural Protector onto infested and / or damaged areas as well as under furniture and along all skirting boards in the affected room. After allowing to dry for 2-3 hours, apply the Oa2ki Powder and leave for a week to 10 days - this ensures that larvae hatching from eggs are caught in the next stage. Set up the Moth Box in the room at between 1 to 2 metres height. Repeat this cycle after 10 days to ensure thorough treatment.

"Harder-hitting" Chemical Carpet Moth Treatments give Faster Results.

If you have experienced a serious carpet moth infestation and need a faster solution, we strongly recommend trying our Carpet Moth Killer Kit specifically designed to deal with these stubborn pests and to protect your investment in your carpets and rugs.

We recommend a four-stage process - removal and thorough cleaning, using ‘Fumers’, lay down a insect killing powder onto previously infested areas and along skirting boards to kill any remaining larvae that may have retreated, and spraying a non-staining pesticide on affected and adjacent areas to kill and deter carpet moth larvae.

  1. Having identified affected areas, vacuum really thoroughly at and around the specific locations where the infestation is suspected. Vacuum thoroughly along skirting boards using the fine nozzle of the cleaner and under and alongside furniture if at all possible – carpet moth larvae can burrow under furniture standing on fitted carpets. Vacuum both sides of rugs. Be sure to empty your vacuum cleaner outside the house.
  2. Use the Fumer as per the instructions on the product and / or enclosed with our Carpet Moth Killer Kit. Having closed all doors and windows, the high-strength pesticide will reach areas and places that you might not be able to or might not have thought about reaching with the other stages of the recommended treatment. Don't worry - you won't be left with smokey smells in your rooms after airing. We do not advocate the use of aerosol fumers because they are less penetrative in getting to the edges of the room and into cracks and other hiding places.
  3. Use a powder to treat the originally infested area and along skirting boards – if the Rentokil Insectrol powder included with our Carpet Moth Killer Kit is used, leave overnight with the room undisturbed and vacuum up in the morning.
  4. Spray an effective killing and deterrent pesticide spray onto affected carpets and rugs (both sides) as appropriate. The sprays we recommend are either the Protector C non-staining pesticide spray for uncompromising action or the Fortefog Natural Protector Aerosol. These sprays have a fast killing impact on contact with the carpet moth larvae yet also have a residual deterrent and killing impact for 2-3 weeks after application.

It is the combination of these treatment products that work so effectively to get rid of carpet moths - a single product in its own may not yield the same success in treatment first time.

We would also recommend installing a moth trap or two to monitor for future activity and to help break the breeding cycle if adult carpet moths return – they attract the males through emitting the female pheromone. Our Carpet Moth Killer Kit includes Demi-Diamond Moth Traps for this purpose.

Wash hands and exposed skin thoroughly after using any carpet moth killing treatments. We recommend using the mask and gloves supplied with our Kit. Obviously remove any children and pets from the room before commencing treatment and do not use near food preparation areas.

This may seem like a lot of effort, but any ‘cut corners’ will present an opportunity for a repeat carpet moth infestation. Carpet moths are very persistent pests and given their very small size, only thorough routines as outlined above will ensure their full eradication.

Doing it yourself will also save a significant sum in minimising damage to your property and compared with using professional pest controllers who will do one visit and not repeat treatments without additional fees!

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