Clothes Moths Infestations Getting Worse, Reports BBC and Telegraph

Apr 06, 2017

It’s in the news! Both the BBC and The Telegraph have reported today that Clothes Moths are becoming more of a problem year on year for owners of precious textiles and clothing! BBC: Rapid rise of clothes moths … The Telegraph: Moths are threatening the fabric of … Of course, we’ve known this for a long time. We’ve experienced a ever greater need for our Moth Prevention products over the past 5 years. Your textiles and clothing don’t need to be ‘old’ or ‘historic’ for Clothes Moths to be attracted to them. Your woollens, cashmere jumpers, silk scarves, leather...

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Natural Sachets Repel Moths, Not Larvae!

Mar 06, 2017

It’s important to confirm the basic nature of a ‘clothes moth problem’ before you purchase moth prevention products for use in your wardrobes and drawers.  1. Have moths been seen around you clothes or in your wardrobes, drawers and storage bags?2. Have you found signs of clothing damage (holes, loose fibres/lint, small dark specks/faeces)?If the answer to question 1 or 2 is 'yes' you should consider using something other than just a natural repellent. Natural repellents work by using Lavender, Lemongrass or Cedar to deter moths from entering the area where they're placed - they offer piece of mind if you...

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Moth Prevention Awarded Feefo Gold Trusted Service Award 2017

Feb 27, 2017

We have won the Feefo Gold Service award for the 4th consecutive year! This independent ‘seal of excellence’ has been awarded to us for providing exceptional customer Service, as rated by our customers. Created by Feefo, Trusted Service is awarded to businesses that use Feefo to collect genuine ratings and reviews. A badge of honour, this accreditation remains unique as awards are based purely on interactions with verified customers. This feedback has been collated by the Feefo review platform, with the accolade being awarded based upon performance. We take great pride in receiving this award from Feefo. To be recognised for...

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Clothes Storage Bags - The Advantage is Clear!

Feb 09, 2017

The best place for precious garments when not in use is within a protective carrier of some kind. Our range of Clothes Storage Bags are inexpensive and provide peace of mind that your garments are protected from the damage that clothes moths and moth larvae bring. Clothes Storage bags provide a physical barrier to stop moths from having easy access to your garments. Although not 100% moth-proof, you can increase protection further by adding moth repellents or scented anti-moth sachets into your bags to kill moths, larvae and eggs and keep your garments smelling fresh. Visit our Clothes Storage category...

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Timing is Everything with Moth Traps

Jan 25, 2017

It’s always worth checking the date that you placed Moth Traps in your home. For your moth traps to remain effective as a moth killer you will need to replace the sticky strips 12 weeks after activation. Getting rid of Moths with Traps is a simple process, and by just replacing the old sticky strips with new refills you can effectively catch the male clothes moths and carpet moths in your home. Catching the male moths will remove them from the breeding cycle and allow you to accurately monitor the severity of your moth problem on a day to day...

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