Moth Prevention Feature on The One Show on BBC 1

Last night George McGavin showed viewers of "The One Show" how clothes moths get into our houses and destroy our clothes, and gave some tips to help keep homes and wardrobes moth free.

Moth Prevention on BBC 1

The feature gave a great explanation of the life cycle of the clothes moth, as well as showing some horrible pictures of the larvae in HD close up.

The Clothes Moth Life Cycle

As with most problems in life, prevention is better than cure and is usually cheaper in the long run, so he recommended several ways to discourage moths from making a home in your cupboards, drawers and wardrobes including using scented sachets that moths don't like. Where moths have become a problem, freezing clothing can be useful. Our alternatives include moth killer sprays and fumigation products when the infestation has become more serious.

Adult Clothes Moths

You can see more about The One Show here:

About MothPrevention®

MothPrevention® speak to customers every day about their clothes moth issues - clothes moths are a species that are ever increasing and that can cause significant damage to clothes, carpets and other home textiles.

To date, we’ve helped over 150,000 customers deal with their moth problems. We have developed professional grade solutions including proprietary pheromones engineered in Germany to the highest production standards.

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