Can You Moth Proof Carpets?

Aug 06, 2012

Many customers ask whether it is possible to moth proof existing wool carpets or buy new moth proof carpets – we thought we’d answer these questions here for the benefit of others who may be wondering about this area of confusion.

Firstly, buying new moth proof carpets is only possible if you go for a purely synthetic option, although for some people it triggers the thought of going to a wooden or laminate flooring option to replace carpets that have suffered from attack by moths, particularly where repeated infestations have been difficult to control – obviously this depends on your budget and floor covering preferences.  There is no such thing as a mothproof wool carpet that can be laid with inbuilt resistance to carpet moths.

Secondly, if you want to retain your existing carpet that has suffered a moth infestation, then the only way to truly moth proof it is to maintain rigorous cleaning routines, and in particular regularly moving furniture to vacuum underneath, using the fine-nozzle along the skirting boards and obviously the normal exposed areas that are usually cleaned each week, plus application of a protector or repellent spray in hidden areas every 3 weeks.

Clearly, applying a protector spray regularly to carpets is an additional expense that may only be worth it for particularly precious rugs or tapestries – we do have customers for whom this is worthwhile to moth proof rugs that are rare or valuable.  For most people, the vacuuming routine should be sufficient – the aim is to avoid undisturbed areas of carpet and to stop dust build up, which can provide attractive food sources through human or pet hair and skin fragments within the dust.

To deal with an initial infestation, we strongly recommend following the three-stage process with our Carpet Moth Killer Kits for either 1 or 2-3 rooms – it is the combination of treatment products that make our kits particularly effective and the easy-to-follow instruction guide makes the process simple.  For those requiring a completely natural solution, we have the Natural Carpet Moth Killer Kit, although it will require a repeat of the treatment at a fortnight’s interval and is a little more work.

Repeat treatments can be required for a particularly well-established carpet moth infestation.

To read more about dealing with carpet moths, see this page: Getting Rid of Carpet Moths

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