5 Steps to Moth Control

Our customers ask us every day what the best long-term approach is to moth control - to help you we've outlined below the main steps that are needed to prevent moth damage to clothing and carpets, as well as preventing infestations of dry food. Moth control requires a combination of your household routines together with using effective deterrents.

For more urgent needs and if you have experienced damage to clothing and have evidenced the significant problems that moth larvae can cause we suggest you follow the steps on the Clothes Moths page to get rid of moths immediately. For food moth infestations, see the steps on the Food Moths page.

We've helped thousands of customers deal effectively with moth prevention and damage by moths - with great pre- and post-sale support so that you're not alone, fast and secure delivery service, clear instruction guides and by ensuring that you have the right products to deal with your moth infestation, fast!

The Best Approach to Moth Control

1 - Clean Thoroughly

Keeping your home and clothing clean and tidy is key to maintaining a moth-free life.

Clothes and carpet moths are attracted to smells, perspiration, spills and food stains, (they feed on moisture and food traces, no matter how little, along with proteins in natural fibres) and so it is absolutely essential for controlling moths to keep your textiles clean. Ensure you launder delicate clothing and regularly vacuum carpets according to care instructions.

It is also important to make use of your clothing - the more you unfold, wear and wash items, the less they sit around on a dark shelf getting dusty, awaiting unwelcome guests! If clothes are not likely to be used for a long period, for example, knitwear through the summer months, then shake them and expose to sunlight from time to time.

For carpets, ensure you vacuum thoroughly and regularly under sofas and along edges by skirting boards - moths love undisturbed and darker areas for protection.

For further detailed information on moth control please read visit our advice and care guides.

For moth control in the kitchen, ensure all cupboards and drawers are regularly cleaned and that packets are sealed, preferably in airtight containers, and are never left open.

2 - Prevention is better than cure

If you are worried about control of moths, have natural wool carpets or a great collection of wool and cashmere clothing you should be thinking about moth deterrents 

Placing scented products around your home and in your drawers, wardrobes and cupboards will help deter moths. Drawer liners, scented sachets, hanging units and sprays all do a great job.  See our Moth Repellents range or our natural scented range for options.

If you pack away your winter woollens, it is best to keep them in secure bags and add scented products throughout to keep fresh and deter moths. Check out our Storage Solutions – breathable, yet moth proof – do not use plastic bags which increase humidity and potentially attract moths, as well as damaging knitwear. If using suit carriers or hanging garment storage bags, ensure they are sealable where the hanger comes through the top - to avoid moths getting in! 

Our range of natural moth deterrent sprays will also protect your clothes from moths - these can usually be sprayed directly onto clothes.

For bedrooms and living rooms to protect carpets we strongly recommend that you instal moth traps to break the breeding cycle and reduce the impact of new infestations - see below.

3 - Monitor

Make sure you keep an eye on your home and in particular, clothing and carpets, watching out for signs of moth damage.

The best way to monitor these tiny moths are pheromone traps. They contain female pheromones which male moths are attracted to. They then visit the trap and get stuck onto the sticky strips. This breaks the breeding cycle and prevents the female adult moths laying eggs as well as presenting a highly visible evidence of the presence of moths.  This way you can see if you have any issues and the extent of the problem - the male moths only tend to fly at night in search for female moths. If you find moths in your trap you may require your further action to eliminate any eggs or larvae that may be present.

We have effective clothes moths traps and specially designed, safe food moth traps .

4 - Fast action

If you see signs of moth damage or find moths in a moth box or trap, there are a number of fast-acting moth killing products available that will take effect on eggs, larvae and adult moths, stopping your problem immediately.  Keeping an eye on moths is key to preventing any damage to textiles before it happens, as the moth larvae are the culprits for eating clothing and carpets you will need to eliminate any moths before they breed and lay eggs.

See our Moth Killer Range of products to take definite action against moth eggs, moth larvae and adult moths.

We also have an effective specialist range to deal with carpet moths .

5 - Maintain

If you have had moth problems in the past, or if you are keen to prevent any happening in the future, it is best to take maintain moth deterrent products to protect your clothing, carpets and food from moth damage.

Don't become complacent because open windows can invite new moths into your home at any time!

Year round it is best to keep a scented supply of cedar wood products and scented sachets with your natural textiles and food moth traps in the kitchen or larder. Over time the effectiveness of cedar wood products for moth control may diminish but they are easily refreshed by sanding them lightly and adding a few drops of essential cedar oil.  Moth traps can be replaced or Mottlock Moth Box replacements strips will extend the life of your moth box by 6 months.

See our full range of cedar wood products for use as sustainable and effective deterrents or our natural anti-moth scented products . If you prefer non-scented products, the moth killer hanging unit and moth killer strips are the answer - see the Moth Killer range for details.

Follow the above steps on a regular, seasonal basis and you should be on track for a moth free life!

If you need further advice on which products to buy, feel free to email us at help@mothprevention.com or call us on 01300 321098 (Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm) - we're here to help!

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