Desi-Dust - Natural Diatomaceous Earth - 500g


Desi-Dust (Diatomaceous Earth) - 500g. Naturally effective in controlling most types of flying and crawling insects including moths, carpet beetles, bed bugs, ants and fleas.

Natural, non toxic, made from natural Diatomaceous Earth. This powder is effective at killing all growth stages from eggs to larvae and adults.

  • Ready to use - 500g
  • Apply to carpets and other textiles for a persistent attack on most insects, larvae and eggs
  • Can be applied to virtually any surface
  • 100% natural
  • Pesticide Free

By natural means, Desi-Dust breaks down the outer barrier of an insects body to dehydrate and desiccate it. Desi-Dust is a naturally-mined, mineral product made up of fossilised remains of diatoms. When crushed to a fine powder it feels similar to chalk powder to the touch, but when viewed under a microscope the fine particles resemble shards of broken glass! Highly effective when applied to areas where insects harbour. We recommend testing before full application.

We recommend the use of our protective Respirator Mask with FREE gloves when using any of our Powders or Sprays.

Product Code ALODI01601

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